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Dom is going home to visit his family in Ireland, Jon tells us in a voice over, as if we couldn't have guessed from the twittering Irish flute on the soundtrack. Dom, in an interview, explains that his father is ill, and has been for quite some time. Dom muses that he feels bad for having a such good time in Los Angeles while his father is so sick back in Ireland. Jon helpfully tells the camera that Dom wants to spend some quality time with his father -- you know, considering the fact that he may not be long for this world. Dom voice-overs that he doesn't like to burden other people with his problems, just as he doesn't care to hear all about everybody else's problems. "Sometimes, all you can do is pray," he says, lighting a cigarette. I've never had a problem burdening others with my problems, petty or not, so I really don't know what he's talking about.

Daylight breaks over Los Angeles as Jon enters a large office building. He voice-overs that he sang on a demo produced for one of the Beth's friends, somehow that demo fell into the hands of a music producer, and that producer wants to meet with Jon to discuss a potential record deal. Jon twangs that he doesn't have his hopes up "too high," but he's interested to see what the producer has to say. If this were anyone other than Jon, I'd make a snide remark about the fact that his being on MTV probably had more to do with this meet-and-greet than his demo did, but Jon's such a nice boy, I can't bear to say anything rude.

Back at the house, post-interview, Dom lolls on the bed and interrogates Jon; how was the office? What was the office like? What was his name? Does he have a last name, Jon? Jon, it seems, didn't spend a whole lot of time paying attention to pesky details like names or interior decorating. Because it's all about the music, man.

Oh, time travel! Back at aforementioned interview, the producer -- a remarkably unattractive man with a full head of hair, but the world's ugliest shirt and hideous glasses -- rocks back and forth in his chair and eyes Jon. "You don't play an instrument, do you?" he asks. "I mean, you play the guitar." Since when is the guitar not an instrument? I wonder. And what other instrument should a country singer take up? The fiddle, maybe, but the guitar seems a fairly strong choice. Does this guy expect that Jon has a hidden talent for, say, the oboe? ["Maybe he's thinking of the banjo? I'm giving Ugly the benefit of the doubt." -- Wing Chun] Jon tells the producer that he does play the guitar, but that he's no longer taking lessons.

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