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Bottom Line: I don't think Justin is evil. I think he was bored and fed up. He shouldn't have tried so blatantly to interfere in Colin and Amaya's relationship. I am disappointed, because I thought he was the one mature person on the show, and he has shown that he's not. And he has also shown that he is a snob. Is he still my favorite? Probably. Who else is there, really?

They all get off the train to head home. Annoying says that Colin told her he doesn't want to give her mixed signals, but that she couldn't possibly have feelings for him again after how he treated her. Tet Girl says that Justin taught her how to be manipulative and that's not how she wants to be. Justin says that he can't imagine living in that house for seven more weeks, and that he wants to go home.

Two weeks from now -- does anyone know why they aren't showing a new episode next week? -- Fred and Daphne do some Scooby-Doo detective work and all fingers point to Justin.

During the credits, we learn that India has cows in the street.

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