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Then I stop feeling sorry for Annoying (record time: thirty seconds) because she goes on and on in graphic detail to her Indian tour guide about EXACTLY how she feels and what parts are sick, and how many times she has tried to throw up and on and on. Annoying? Shut up. She does what she should have done in the first place -- goes back to the bus and sits down.

Annoying is on her bed, looking awful cute for someone who's so sick. I know that, when I'm sick, I frequently put my hair in cutesy pigtails. Anyway, Colin asks if she is going to throw up and she perks up because HE CARES but then he says, "Because my stuff is all over the bed". Ha ha. In a confessional, Colin tells us that there's reality and then there's Amaya's dramatic performance of reality. The two of them have a stupid fight and Colin asks her if she's going to make it a drama queen event, and she does. I just want to pull her aside and say, "You know, if you ignored him and didn't whine and complain all the time, he wouldn't be so mean." Then I remember giving that advice to someone when I was in, like, sixth grade.

They go to the Taj Mahal. Annoying says it's romantic and that it would've been nice to go with Colin. See above sunset description for how I feel on that issue. Colin, Teck and Wonder Bread hang out and Teck acts stupid and Colin and WB giggle and I flash back to every junior high school field trip EVER! Colin says he has fun with Teck because he doesn't make everything an issue. Annoying tells Justin that she wishes she could share this with someone special (AGAIN!) and Justin says, just enjoy it. Thank you.

Justin is in Annoying's room talking to her about Colin. She relates how Colin was being so nice and then suddenly changed. Justin is all, "I wonder why? Just like that?" as if he had nothing to do with it. This is all such a soap opera. Justin is obviously playing this up for the cameras. Again, I think he is too smart to let himself be portrayed like this, and wonder what his true intentions were. Regardless, this makes me feel a little sorry for Annoying again. Then I get distracted because Justin is eating something and his microphone is on SUPERSONIC volume and all I can hear are his smacking lips. Annoying says that Colin was a bad decision, but that's life. Justin says that life is rendering inconsequential what was a bad decision. I start thinking -- even if Justin's intentions were bad, if the end result is good, does that make it less evil? Like, if he gets Colin and Annoying to break up, and helps Annoying to see that she shouldn't depend on Colin so much, does that redeem him? I'm not sure, but it's interesting.

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