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They're all on a boat, and suddenly Colin is being distant and rude to Annoying. Colin says he just needs a break for a while. I can't believe how easily he's manipulated! You have to believe that he was already thinking what Justin said in some way, to make such a quick change. Or that he has no mind of his own. One or the other.

In their room, Annoying whines that Colin is mad at her. Colin says he's collecting his thoughts, and he doesn't really want to talk about it. In a confessional, he says that it's easy to pretend you're the victim all the time -- which is what Annoying does -- instead of taking some of the blame. Annoying mugs for the camera by making faces at Colin. She says that Colin obviously has new feelings for her (and remember how last week the producers tried to make it look like she was saying this to Justin?). Colin replies that he just talked to other people and they helped him realize some things. Annoying continues to dig and Colin says sharply, "Don't put words in my mouth!" and leaves. Annoying continues to mug for the camera by saying, "Oh my god, you freak," like, ten minutes after Colin had already left.

Annoying is feeling resentment towards Colin. Wonder Bread pops up for one of the few times this episode and says that he doesn't know what happened (for once), but the honeymoon is over. They all ride camels through the desert and Colin and Wonder Bread share a camel and make stupid jokes. Colin says that riding camels is the one thing he wanted to do in India. I'm thinking they probably have camel rides somewhere in Colin's home state of California, but whatever. The boys decide to have a "photo session" (they actually call it that), and Colin asks Annoying to go but she says she's just enjoying the sunset. Actually, she's pouting about how romantic it is and how ironic that is, given that Colin is being mean to her. For the umpteenth time, I wish Annoying would learn that she can be a whole person, and have fun, with or without a boyfriend. Justin, meanwhile, says that he looks for and creates distance between himself and people he loves, and that he thrives on it, and I feel kind of sad for him. Colin tells Teck to sit down and enjoy the sunset.

Annoying is feeling sick. I feel bad for her because I hate being sick and I would REALLY hate being sick in a foreign land, plus she is missing out on all the activities. She says that Colin told her he wanted to experience the end of India "on his own" (and we see him hanging out with Teck and Tet Girl, so he obviously really meant "without Amaya"). Tet Girl says that people are hurt by Justin, and that she wants no part of it. I'm getting a little sick of her preaching about how mean Justin is, and how she thinks it's just awful, when she participated in all of it. She encouraged him when he was planning it, and she sat there and watched while he talked to Colin, and not once did she tell Justin that she didn't think it was a good idea, or that he had taken it too far, or that people were getting hurt. So Tet Girl? Shut up.

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