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Justin then gives a speech that pretty much sums up the season for me. He says, "True colors come clean when you're traveling. Matt, for all his kindness, is fundamentally weak," and they show Wonder Bread writing a letter to Ruthie. I tried to pause the tape and read it, but all I got was "Dearest Ruthie," and "I promise to think of you every day." What a lame-ass. Justin continues, "Amaya is pitiable and pathetic," as we see Annoying braying at a camel. "Colin maintains a consistent inconsequentialness," and I don't think inconsequentialness is a word, and I think he's been spending too much time with Tet Girl, because that doesn't really make sense, but anyway we see Colin handing out nutrition bars to the kids, because turn those kids' lives around. Justin goes on, "Kaia exhibits a certain kind of intense self-centeredness," as we see her try on piece of Indian jewelry and strike a pose for a photo. "Teck's shtick has become so tired, it's comatose," as Teck dances and generally acts idiotic. I find it amusing that the producers had no trouble finding video clips to illustrate Justin's points, and while I think he's right, I also think perhaps he might have turned his focus inward and realized that he is not better than anyone else. He concludes, "I've never been in forced confinement with a group of people that were [sic] as intensely self-centered and thoughtless as the group in our house." I think the problem is that Justin is a smart kid, and he has gone to a lot of schools with lots of other really smart people, and somewhere along the line he got the idea that this made him better than everyone else somehow. In some ways, maybe it does. But in other ways, he is a big, huge snob who needs to get off his high horse. Just because what he said about his castmates is true, it doesn't excuse his behavior. Then again, maybe the whole Ruthie incident just disgusted him -- remember when he told Matt the whole thing was just dirty? -- and he became completely disillusioned. But I think the right thing would have been either to ignore everyone completely, or to tell them how he felt. To sneak around behind their backs is not just wrong -- it's incredibly third grade.

Justin talks to Colin about Colin's relationship with Annoying. Colin says he's just having a good time on the trip. Justin says that they're dependent on one another and that Annoying is messed up in the head, and that she has repeatedly shown that she is a nester. He tells Colin that he doesn't have to confront her, but that he shouldn't be a part of that behavior, and should make a clean break. Colin says, "So I should expose her insecurity of being independent?" which is more syllables than Colin has ever attempted before. I purposely left out of this conversation the constant confessionals from Tet Girl that the producers throw in, because they totally alter the conversation. If you just read the above paragraph, you see Justin trying to tell Colin to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Interject after each sentence Tet Girl saying, "Justin likes to manipulate people. He is playing around. He doesn't care about Amaya's well-being," and it's a whole different conversation. I DO think that Justin was trying to be manipulative -- since he said so earlier -- but it's interesting how much editing can change things.

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