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All the men in the cast are wearing these bizarre, gigantic turbans as they approach the train. Teck takes the opportunity to talk in a faux-Indian accent even as Colin and I both ask him to stop. So much for the new, respectful-of-other-cultures Teck. Justin says that they are in for an intense experience on a small train. Justin and Kaia share a room, and Colin and Annoying share a room. Annoying says they're rooming together because they didn't want to room with anyone else. I'm not fooled. I think they're having S-E-X. You can't put anything past me. The train leaves the station, and we are treated to both Justin and Colin saying, "It's moving!" Why?

The next morning, Teck is ready to explore, and he even got up before noon to do so. I would make fun of him, but people in glass beds shouldn't throw stone pillows, or something. Colin talks about how they rode elephants and says it was more scary than fun because it was swaying from side to side and they felt like they were going to fall over a ledge. Annoying apparently thought "elephant" meant "roller coaster" because she screams. If your survival was dependent on a large animal, would you scream and possibly spook it? I don't know if elephants are spookable, but I wouldn't take chances. I would speak in a low voice and not make any sudden movements. But that's me.

Teck makes some friends via rapping; he is in a crowd of young Indian men doing a "beat box" and sounding funky fresh. If it were 1982, that is. The Indian men are enjoying it, though. Teck tells us that, being black, he feels at home in India. Then he teaches the group to say, "Peace out." Teck's contribution to fostering cross-cultural communication, apparently, is to teach the folks he meets two-year-old urban slang.

Justin says he doesn't respect the people in the house, so he distances himself. I find it easier to write snarky episode summaries, but to each his own.

Colin says he is glad Annoying is on the trip because he likes spending time with her, and that the other people he's with are freaks. Or they won't have sex with him. One or the other. They hug as they walk through a garden, and he tells her that he wishes she weren't on the trip. We assume that's sarcastic, but if that's how the boy I cared about told me he cared, I would kick him to the curb.

Justin and Tet Girl are talking about the other cast members. Justin says they have got to have some fun on this trip and Tet Girl says there are "so many ways to have fun and of skewing things." I'd like to point that out in light of later incidents. Justin gives us a little lecture on "Manipulating People: Or, How I Feel About Amaya." That's his title, not mine. He and Tet Girl discuss whether they should try to mess things up and with people's heads -- Annoying's in particular. Tet Girl says, "You're suggesting open fire in every way," and Justin says, "Yeah, it'd be fun." While that may be true, and I certainly can relate to Justin's being exasperated and annoyed by his fellows, I fail to see how this will be fun for Justin, unless he takes pleasure in others' pain. I thought he was smarter than that. In fact, I have to wonder if this whole plot was not part of Justin's ongoing experiment with the show: He knew how it would be portrayed by the producers; did he just want to stir up trouble to get camera time? Did he want to go out with a bang? Since he -- unlike, say, Colin -- he hasn't given any interviews post-taping, I have no idea what is going on. So at this point, I still like Justin, and can empathize with his plight, but I don't like the idea of messing with other people because HE'S bored.

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