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Previously on The Real World, Justin told Annoying that he didn't want her sleeping in his bedroom anymore. I remember this clip. Then Annoying cried. Yep, remember that too. Then Colin said that Justin was vindictive and that he got really happy after being mean to Annoying. I don't remember that clip! Have they showed that one before? Anyway, they are also off to India. So we know that the gang (minus Ruthie) is going to India and that Justin is going to be vindictive and happy about it.

They all arrive in India and I'm not going to make fun of how they look or what they say because they're coming off a twenty-four-hour plane trip, and God knows I would not be at my best under those circumstances. They all get some sort of Indian lei as they arrive. Wonder Bread tells us that Annoying and Colin have been very affectionate thus far. They all get on a bus and Annoying says that she and Colin are "enjoying each other's company." Does anyone else think they joined the Mile-High Club? Although, if they had, the producers probably would have filmed it, right? An Indian woman gives Teck some sort of blessing on his forehead and he asks what that's called. She tells him it's an atika. He handled this really well, and I think, "Maybe Teck can be tolerant and not embarrass his country while traveling abroad." We'll see what happens.

The group meets Ramish, their guide for the trip. He tells them they are going on a train trip for seven days. They will spend each day in a different place doing tours, and then sleep on the train at night. Colin says that this is the biggest and best trip ever in his life. What's weird is that the captioning identifies Colin as Trevor. What was that about? I mean, I know Trevor is Colin's best friend, and was on the casting special, but there is no one on the show named Trevor.

Annoying is giving out Blow Pops ™ to all the children in India. Is it some sort of custom to give the children in India little treats and such? I profess ignorance in such matters. I guess Blow Pops ™ are fun and all, but I think I would have bought some little trinkets or something. Or I would just not give them anything, which is what the rest of the roommates appear to be doing. Justin tells us in an interview that he finds Annoying to be conventional and shallow. Tell me something I don't know.

Justin says that Annoying makes him sick. He tells his new best friend Tetanus Girl -- the innoculation shot last week appears to have failed; she still talks with clenched jaw -- that he can't take it anymore. About Annoying, he says, "You're that lame, and it's not even interesting," which is funny. At this point in the episode, I think it's all harmless, and that if this is what they meant by Justin's true colors, bring it on. So he bitches about how annoying everyone is. Isn't that what I do every week? Anyway, he goes on to say that he wants to make it more interesting by trying to manipulate Colin and Amaya's relationship.

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