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Indecent-wecent Proposal-wosal

Graduation. Ick is sitting in the audience, wearing a red suit with a short skirt. It looks like she's trying to walk up to Joe as he accepts his diploma, but he coaches her to stay seated. "Hail to the Chief" plays, but I'll bet you a dollar it's the editors adding it in and not the Fordham graduation committee's idea. After Joe accepts his diploma, he runs offstage and hands Ick a little blue box. Please let the box explode. Nope. She opens it and "oh my god"s. Joe takes out the velvet box inside and sinks to one knee, which means his head is at her knee. He stammers his way through a pedestrian speech ("you mean everything to me, it would be the happiest day in my life," blah blah blah proposalinapublicplacecakes), and Ick says in her scariest, most emotionless voice, "Yes." Yeeps. Congratulations?

We rush over the water back to the Miami house. Dan is denying that he ever said that Melissa said Mitchell hit Flora: "It was alluded to. I pick up on things because I was worried." Flora says she thinks Dan "is only worried about his ass." A plane flying overhead ruins her mean speech, but she manages to get in that she thinks Dan is "a poor excuse to represent the gay community." That's totally untrue. Dan is very cute and mature in the way he handles his relationships with people outside the house, anyway, besides which the Russian Community called; they think Flora is a giant bitch. She leaves, and Dan watches her go.

Mike picks up Joe at the airport, and they go the party to which Flora refused to contribute. Joe announces his engagement, and the roomies cheer, mostly. Cynthia smiles, tight-lipped. She has "nothing to say" about Joe's engagement, then goes on to say that she thinks Joe can do better and that she "doesn't believe in" celebrating it. Over on Monster Island, I'm sure they're throwing a hell of a bash.

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