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Indecent-wecent Proposal-wosal

Back to the dock. Dan says he's trying to start a business "with a group of children who sit there and bicker about how much I talk." We get a montage of Dan running his mouth and all the other roomies rolling their eyes. Finally we land at a Sarah and Dan conversation, during which Dan lectures Sarah on responsibility and Sarah says she doesn't care, "because Mike blew off work for two days." There's a shot of Mike getting massaged. Gross. Dan starts running his mouth about the business, and wham, we land back at the bikini scene, where Sarah and Flora unilaterally bust on Dan. Sarah bets that "Dan will not spend the next four weeks on the business," and Flora wonders where Dan "even gets off bullshitting like that." Where, indeed, you hussy?

At the outside pool table, Sarah and Dan fight. The synthesizer goes off. Melissa raises her eyebrows, and finally Joe comes over and pats both Dan and Sarah, saying he "wants love." Dude, we know. Sarah and Dan are like, "There's plenty of love." Except that there isn't. Then we see Joe with his hands on his head, and then sipping tea, and then we hear him make the rather obvious point that he "lost sight of what was important" to him, and then? We get a horrifying montage of various Joe-and-Ick embraces. She is totally a monster. Damn. In the confessional, Joe says that he really loves Nic and wants to be with her. Get thee to an exorcist, Joe.

Dan's sunning himself on the dock. Then, we're back at the bikini beach scene, and Sarah is showing Flora her new tattoo: a baby alligator busting out of its egg. There's writing underneath it, but I don't think it's in English. Flora whines, "I thought you were getting the dinosaur." Oh, what do you know about cool tattoos, Flora? This episode has the worst structure ever.

Mike and Joe are packing and racing off to the airport. I hate these running-through-the-airport scenes. Oh, it's Joe's graduation. He says that Ick may be at the airport or may not. Hooray, or not. And it's not.

Okay, Sarah had given Dan some paperwork ("The Definition of Being Actively Involved") and asked whether he had shown it to the other roomies; he said yes, but he was lying. Now Sarah, Flora, and Melissa are all talking about what a huge liar Dan is, and asking why he would bother to lie. We get a few shots of Dan vamping for the camera, and there's your answer: Drama Queen. Now we're back at the extremely revelatory bikini beach interview, where Flora and Sarah call Dan a huge liar some more. In an interview, Dan goes "aaah!" and then, "Frus-tra-ting!" Then we see Sarah talking to Dan about getting space for their business in a hotel lobby, and then we're back to the shirtless rollerblading sequence, only this time Dan is taking notes as he peers into hotel lobbies. A bikini-clad Sarah complains, "He took my journal and wrote in it! And he ripped out pages! That is sacred ground he's treading on!" So Flora backed over Dan's glasses with her Jeep. Good thing Dan's glasses aren't sacred ground.

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