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If You Can Make It There...

New York has always been my favorite Real World, because they seemed to be the only cast with even a vague sense of intelligence, and they did try to address racial, political and social issues, no matter how piss-poorly it was done.

However, upon reviewing the videotape that Strega (big shout-out to Strega) mailed me, I realized I had forgotten how whiny, awful and horrible a lot of the season was. But, in a way, it was exciting, and it was the only cast to react to the camera without any preconceived notions of what should happen. Also, I'd forgotten how much I love to hate Eric Nies. Be forewarned that I really hate him, and that I in no way attempt to be fair or impartial when writing about him.

Let the frenzy begin.

Eric Nies flapping his gums. Here is one of the few shots we'll see of Eric without a goofy hat, and with a shirt on. He's talking about how he thought it was going to be a nightmare living situation, with all of them living in a tiny box.

Close-up of Julie on a bench, introducing Birmingham, Alabama. We see shots of Birmingham, then Julie saying how she wants to go to NYC to learn about herself, while her father wants her to be a computer operator. Then we see Julie pumping and grinding away competently, if not exactly Isadora-Duncan-like, in a dance studio.

Cut to Julie's father, who says in a slow-as-molasses, dead-pan voice, that Julie needs something to fall back on if the dance career doesn't work out, and she should learn that when she's young. The frightening thing about her dad is that his eyes do not move once in any of his scenes.

Cut to the St. Francis of Assisi church, while "Personal Jesus" plays. We get a few hilarious moments of the minister preaching about how alternative his church is (exact words) and quoting the Talking Heads: "This ain't no party/this ain't no disco/this ain't no foolin' around."

More three-second shots of Julie, her hometown, and Julie leaving church. Cut to Julie and her family in the kitchen, and Julie and her dad fighting. Julie says she doesn't think her dad doesn't realize she's leaving soon, and her dad says she'll be seeing him sooner than she thinks.

Next shot of Julie's dad driving her to the airport and telling her that if she "stays in your little neighborhood there, things will be great." Next shot: Julie at airport, saying goodbye to her family. Kisses are exchanged. Julie tells someone to "be happy," that this is a good thing. Her dad asks her if she's going to kiss him goodbye. She does so. He asks if she's going to call him at eleven, her ETA at the loft. She says, "If I feel like it," and he says, "Well, remembuh, Ah've got yoah number," and they both laugh. As she runs down the boarding hall, her dad says dryly, "I believe I could shed a tear."

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