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Ice Cream Melts

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Ice Cream Melts
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Rachel walks into the house carrying a cardboard box, and she yells to Melinda that she got her package from her boyfriend, Erik. Rachel interviews that she's nervous about the package's contents, because sometimes Erik "does some random things without really thinking very much." I totally thought it was going to be a dead puppy or something, like he tried to send her a puppy through the mail and it suffocated. Rachel tries to open the package and Melinda asks why it's wet and smelly. I think she said the same thing to Danny last night. Zing! Rachel gets the package open and realizes that Erik sent her ice cream. Through the mail. Predictably, it's a big gooey mess. Danny asks if Erik just put regular ice in the box, and Rachel says she doesn't see any ice at all. Well, duh. If he did use regular ice, it would have melted by now. Rachel explains that it's cotton candy ice cream, which is her favorite. Melinda interviews what all of us are thinking: "Who sends ice cream in the mail?"

Rachel decides to try to salvage the ice cream. Ick. She picks out the drippy boxes and sticks them in the freezer. Rachel interviews that ice cream is the way to her heart, and that Erik always encourages her to eat ice cream because he tells her that it'll "go straight to [her] booty." Rachel puts the melted ice cream in a small pan, so that the ice cream is just dripping on everything else in the freezer. I don't know who is dumber: Rachel for trying to salvage the ice cream or Erik for sending ice cream in the first place.

Rachel calls Erik and thanks him for the ice cream. He asks if it's still frozen, and she laughs that it's not at all. Erik says he spent a lot of money to pack it in dry ice, and I don't know what he did wrong, but it clearly didn't work. I think he sent it like regular mail, so it probably took a few days to get there, instead of sending it overnight or whatever. Rachel explains that she and Erik are on a break because she's never had a chance just to be single and party. Rachel thanks Erik for thinking of sending her ice cream. Rachel interviews that she loves Erik but she doesn't want to miss out on anything. In other words, she thinks she could do better, but she's not sure.

The roommates go out to a club and dance. Rachel interviews that she really misses Erik, but that she doesn't want to miss out on anything while in Austin. Here's what I don't get: why do people on this show always have to break up with their significant others in order to have fun? Why can't someone who's in a relationship go out, drink, dance, and whatever without hooking up as well? Maybe I'm just old. There's nothing wrong with wanting to hook up with other people, but I don't think it's fair to keep a boyfriend in your back pocket while you do it. Break up or stay together, but the whole "take a break" thing is bullshit. Rachel talks to Johanna about the bad luck they've had with men while in Austin.

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