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I Smell Bacon

Before we start, I just wanted to dedicate this recap to the memory of Mary-Ellis Bunim. I know I give Production a lot of guff for a lot of things, but without her, this show (and many other shows I enjoy) wouldn't exist, and she was truly a pioneer in reality television. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

Jacquese drives his roommates somewhere in the van. Jacquese interviews that he doesn't think he should go to the bar, PB Grill, because it is known for confiscating fake IDs, and he's only nineteen. Jamie and her "pals" (they are never identified by name, but there are three guys with her) walk down the sidewalk. Brad and Randy get their IDs checked at the door and walk in. The bouncer looks at Jacquese's ID and then sticks it in his pocket and tells Jacquese he can't go inside. Jacquese protests weakly and then walks away. Jacquese interviews that he can get the ID back (he can?), but that he's using it as an excuse to avoid going out with his roommates, because "they don't know how to act." Jamie whines that Jacquese couldn't get in. Jacquese says he tried everything. Jamie asks if he tried bribing the bouncer, and Jacquese lies that he did. Jamie and her pals go inside.

In the bar, Randy and Brad discuss the fact that the two of them are there to meet ladies. They're psyched to have a guys' night out. That introduces the montage of Brad talking to women and drinking beer.

Jamie calls Frankie and Robin, who are busy drinking at home. Jamie tells them to warn Cameran that the bouncers are being really strict. Robin quizzes Cameran on the stats on her fake ID. Cameran says that she was born in May, and that her sign is Capricorn, which is totally wrong. Look that shit up! Robin interviews that Cameran is young and naïve, and Robin feels like she need to look out for her. Cameran reviews the information on her ID again, and Robin laughs that Cameran is supposed to be older than Robin is. Cameran chews her gum like a cow, and they decide to head out.

Brad and Randy are still drinking at the bar, and Brad is still talking to the ladies. Outside, Cameran gets turned down at the door because she has an ID card and they'll only accept a driver's license. Robin says that she's not going home to get the driver's license. The bouncer isn't sympathetic. Robin interviews that she doesn't resent that Cameran is younger, but you can tell she totally does. Frankie offers to call Cameran a cab from inside. Man, when I used to go out with my friends, if one person didn't get in, we all went home. Then again, they were my friends, and not complete strangers that I met a week ago. Frankie goes into the bar.

Brad and Randy are doing shots inside. Outside, the bouncer tells Cameran that the ID is fake, but he does give it back to her. Robin interviews that a group of guys behind them were making rude comments, and making fun of Cameran's failure to get into the club. Some guy yells out, "Go to the Fake World." Ooh, good one. Except totally not. Robin turns around and makes a comment, and the guy says something back, so Robin punches the guy in the arm. Now, she shouldn't have touched the guy, period. But the punch she gave was like a "two for flinching" kind of punch, in the shoulder, and then she walked away. The guys all laugh at her, and one of them says that Robin "hits like a bitch." Cameran interviews that she was thinking, "You can't hit people." Robin calls Cameran over and shows her a waiting cab. Cameran protests that she doesn't even know where they live. She doesn't? Not even the general area? Maybe she was just trying to make up an excuse so that Robin would have to come with her, to remove Robin from the situation. I'm going with that. Robin writes their address down and says that she can't believe Cameran is making her fight people. Robin interviews that she knew she shouldn't have hit the guy, but that he was laughing at the whole situation, so she figured it was over. Cut to a shot of the hecklers going into the club. Robin really condescendingly tells the cab driver where to go, and promises to be home in a minute. Cameran takes off in the cab.

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