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i belive i had ur mom as a health teacher for the past 2 years :) n e ways whats up" Awesome. By the way, message to his friend "Steve": "Bro. You come across as very needy. If you back away a bit, do your own thing for a while, Keith will eventually come to you. Plus, I think you have a drinking problem. Good luck. Let us know how it goes."

Day. Calm. Wrecked pool. Puddles. Puddles. Ripped-out parking meter. Back in their room, Zach stands on the balcony. Shot of the skyline. Fucked-up hotel. The kids pack and since there's no power or plumbing, they're heading north. Zach makes baby-talk with Paula who is sad. She explains that she got to see Keith for three hours, but now they have to head north, and he's being taken away from her because of "Wilma." Yeah, Keith: Wilma's violent-est victim. Paula tells Zach that Keith's original plan was to come down to Key West with a few friends, but they were coming for Fantasy Fest, and now she has to wait and see if he's still coming the rest of the way. Uh, he couldn't make that commitment to see you if he wasn't also going to get to throw beads and see girls' titties? That's a bad add to the hundred others.

Packing. Packing. Packing. Burping. John tells us that they're leaving again to evacuate north, now to Orlando. Tyler wants to go to Disney World. Jose nonsensically says, "Let's do it up, Mystic Tan style." I'd rather they do it up Mystic River style. That would mean one of them would get brutally murdered and deposited in a park somewhere. Awesome.

The kids walk down the stairwell, babbling to themselves the whole time. They stand around outside waiting for something. It's windy and wet. They notice broken windows in the hotel above them. Svet jokes that Paula would have been blown out if a window had broken in their room. Heh. Zach camera-talks that they are vagabonds and have no place to go, no way to know what's going on back home. Nothing.

They get into the FORD!, sadly not ruined by Wilma. As they drive away, Tyler makes a crack that he won't leave Orlando without going to Disney World. They all laugh or pretend to.

On the next...the kids arrive back at Mystic Tan to find the place flooded. Svet talks to her mom, who calls Tyler a "lowlife." He overhears and snottily asks Paula whether her mother would like to talk to one of those "lowlifes." Probably not.

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