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Suddenly, they're all standing in the hallway staring as a whole wall of the 14th floor has blown in. Wind is blowing and there is debris everywhere. Security guards lead them down. Paula talks about the hurricane, and we see more of the roof being ripped off. Wind. Wind. Stairwell. Paula rides on Zach's back. Security guard yells at them. They all brat and whine. Dramaticalish! Commercials.

Waves. Marooned boat. Pool with debris. Broken hotel windows. The kids walk down another hall. Janelle is freaked. Svet voice-overs that Zach is freaking her out, saying that they could get electrocuted if they stand in water. As they get to lower floors, the damage is getting worse and worse. We see a trashed hotel room with broken windows. John voice-overs, "This is no longer a joke; this is really serious." Yeah, hurricanes were really fucking funny this year until Wilma. They finally get to the lobby to find it trashed. Everyone is standing around in the dark waiting in what looks to be a banquet room.

Outside. Wind. Roof. Flapping sign. And suddenly, Keith is there. Keith and his blurred-out shirt hug Paula. She camera-talks that he is even "prettier" than she remembered and she finally gets to see his beautiful blue eyes. Much prettier when they're not filled with homicidal drunken jealous rage, huh? Also: Honey, the spin of trying to get us to like him now isn't going to work. The damage has been done by...oh yeah, who was it that told all their business to the cameras? Oh yeah. You! Anyway, he's weasily and K-Fedish, hugging her with one arm, holding a Styrofoam cup with the other. (Ooh, I'll bet you ten dollars that he's dipping, and using that to spit tobacco juice. Take the bet! I dare you.) Paula camera-talks how great it is to be hugged by him and it's the nicest thing in the world to see him after all this time. They kiss. Keith jokes to her that who else would drive through a hurricane to see her. Paula camera-talks that if he ever drives through another one, she'll kill him. Not if he kills you first. Heh heh, gulp. Paula awkwardly introduces Keith to Zach. Zach camera-fros that it's ironic that Keith and Paula are seeing each other for the first time in a while in a hurricane shelter. They discuss how Keith just beat the hurricane to the hotel. Paula says that it meant the world to her. Although, I'd imagine that after putting you in the hospital, any non-violent gesture would be quite welcome. They kiss and talk in low voices.

Best New Comment From Keith's 96%-Unreadable MySpace Page: "heyy

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