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Human Race

Just a programming note: The Most Awesome Thing will be in the second recap this week.

The show begins with a title card informing us that this episode will deal with race relations in a frank manner. Unlike every other episode, where they talk about it jokingly? I guess that means that someone uses the n-word. The last time I remember that title card appearing was before the episode in the New Orleans season with the racist tour guide. Anyway, instead of a "Previously On" segment, we get Robin talking to her friend and describing her new roommates. She says that Randy is "an Ashton Kutcher type," which I totally don't see. Brad is from Chicago. That's about all Robin has to say about Brad, which cracks me up. Cameran is "cute as a button." Jamie is Korean. Frankie is Robin's roommate. Robin says that there's "a brother in the house," but that she's not sure how to pronounce his name. Join the club. Robin concludes that so far everyone is really cool. Except for that time Frankie totally puked on herself in bed. But other than that, everyone is awesome.

The male roommates (plus Robin, who is kind of dude-ish except for those giant boobs) are in the hot tub. Brad drunkenly asks Jacquese how to pronounce his name, and Jacquese says that his friends call him "Ja." Brad and Jacquese kind of talk over each other, and Robin thinks she hears Jacquese say that he lives in the ghetto. She seems surprised to hear that, and says that he doesn't look like he's from the ghetto. Randy and Brad wisely clam up. Jacquese asks what someone from the ghetto looks like. If Robin were smart, she'd change the subject quickly, because there is no way she is going to come out of this conversation looking good. Jacquese says that he currently lives in Virginia, but that he grew up in Paterson, which is "one of the slums of New Jersey." Insert your own "New Jersey as slum" joke here. I cannot, or Sars will beat me up. Robin says that she's not saying someone from the ghetto can't be articulate, but then she contradicts herself and says that because Jacquese is articulate, she assumed he wasn't from the ghetto. Jacquese interviews that Robin watches too much TV. What? You mean the way non-white races are depicted on television isn't entirely accurate? You learn something new every day.

Jacquese hangs out in the hot tub alone for a while, and then calls his cousin, Calvin. Jacquese calls Robin "a Coyote Ugly girl," and says he thinks that the two of them will butt heads. We see a shot of Robin twirling a water bottle like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Jacquese explains to his cousin what happened in the hot tub. Calvin agrees that it's wack. See, he talks like that, because he's from the ghetto, too!

Jacquese and Jamie go to the store. Jamie says she thinks that the people in the house are "kind of cliquish." Haven't they only been there for, like, two days? Jacquese agrees. Jacquese interviews that he doesn't have a clique, and that he's happy to hang out with anyone, but that only Frankie and Jamie seem to "show love" to him. Jamie says that Jacquese, Frankie, and herself are outside the clique, and that while she does try to get to know everyone else, they don't get to know her. Jacquese totally agrees. Jamie interviews that she and Jacquese are the only minorities in the group. Jamie thinks that might have something to do with the groups that have formed. But what about Frankie? Oh, that's right. She's "alternative." Jamie tells Jacquese that she wishes all seven of them would hang out. Wait, like, a week. I'm sure there will be two fights and eight shit-talking sessions, and that everyone will have a new best friend. Have they never been in a group living situation before?

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