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Hot In Herre

CT and Christina go into a restaurant and sit down. CT says that when he came to Paris, he was determined not to change, but now he realizes that there might be more to the world than Boston. Christina interviews that she thinks CT is misunderstood, because he has a lot to say, but that you have to take the time to listen, and most people don't. In a confessional, CT says that it would be a shame if they didn't learn anything from their roommates. CT and Christina toast to communication and new beginnings.

Adam and Samir do a much less endearing toast in a bar. Adam says that he's glad Samir came and brought his roommates out of their shells. He's psyched that Leah took a shower with Samir. A little too psyched, if you ask me. Then Adam starts talking in a language I don't understand that seems to consist mostly of nonsense syllables and gestures and things like "how we do" and "East coast." Samir thinks his trip was great because Simon threw up.

Leah calls Giuseppe. He says he misses her and her voice, and asks why she didn't call him. Leah says she's tired. Giuseppe says he'll know everything that she's doing there at some point. I don't know. English is not his first language, so it's kind of difficult for me to understand him. I think he's saying that even though Leah is too tired to talk right now, she can talk to him later. Leah interviews that she's not in love with Giuseppe, because that takes time, but that she is in love with the attention he gives her. At least she's honest, I guess. Giuseppe apologizes for being tired too, and Leah hangs up.

Adam tells Leah that she's doing what he wishes his other roommates would do, which is not be afraid to go out and have a good time. Leah asks herself questions and answers them, and you know how I feel about that. Leah says that she does want to pursue something with Giuseppe, but that she seized the moment with Samir. Adam interviews that Leah is "a normal, young, red-blooded American woman" who shouldn't shy away from fun. Leah says that Giuseppe makes her feel good and he adores her. I don't see how she can say that out loud and not realize how self-absorbed it sounds.

Next week: Adam's parents split up. Leah gets an upsetting letter from her doctor.

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