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Hot In Herre

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante-Huit. Leah and Samir run to the train station. Leah interviews that Samir is a lot of fun; he's cute, and she's allowed. Leah grinds her ass up against Samir in the club. She tells him that he just got lucky in the bathroom with some chick. Samir doesn't really know what to say to that. Leah is clearly digging for a compliment or possibly a repeat performance, but Samir is either too bored or too drunk to figure out what's going on. More grinding ensues.

Leah comes up to Simon and drunkenly slurs that she misses Giuseppe. I think Leah is the prototype for Drunk Girl on SNL. Simon suggests that Leah actually just misses the idea of Giuseppe. Leah says that Simon sounds like her mom. Simon say that Leah just misses Florence. Leah whines that Giuseppe is nice to her. Simon isn't sure that Leah loves him. Simon interviews that Leah does miss Giuseppe, and that it's more serious than he originally thought. Simon advises her to give it time and see how she feels.

This begins the Simon drinking montage, which is kind of insensitively set to some Irish music. Oh, those Irish! They do love to drink. Simon downs glass after glass. Outside, Leah and Samir try to flag down a cab while Simon sits next to a lamppost and looks like he wants to die. Samir starts using the word "herre" (à la Nelly) way too much. Man, that guy is annoying. Simon starts puking all over the street. Samir suggests that he wait until he get home. Like Simon's just going to hold it. Samir asks Simon if he had pasta, since you can see the noodles in his puke. Ew. That's nasty. Also, some friend you are, Leah, leaving Simon to puke alone. Samir snags a cab and they take off. Back at the house, Simon has to stop every few steps to puke. I have so been there, and it sucks so bad. Leah actually does help out this time, and we get to see every chunk as it leaves Simon's mouth. That is so unnecessary. Leah gets Simon into bed and removes his boots and pants. Leah interviews that she felt bad for Simon. Leah gets into bed with Simon and turns off the light. Samir sneaks into the room and whispers Leah's name. Leah interviews that everyone needs a little action sometimes, but that she's not interested right now.

The next morning, CT and Christina go out to lunch. In a confessional, CT says he's going to talk to Christina about the situation and their relationship as a whole. Christina says that it's hard for CT to open up. CT admits that he's defensive and private. Christina says that's why his roommates don't know anything about him. She thinks it's sad that she learned more about him from Jamie. CT doesn't think that's weird, because that's how most people find out about him. Christina asks if he trusts her or anybody. Christina interviews that CT is upset that he's alone, but that he's isolated himself. CT says that when other people had guests, he didn't involve them in roommate issues, and that he feels like Christina did that with Jamie. He thinks Christina tried to put him in a bad light to Jamie. Christina denies that she did that. CT says that Jamie was complaining about things that Christina has said in the past. Christina tries to explain about her conversation with Wendy, in the course of which she basically said that CT has to accept blame for his isolation from the other roommates. CT says he learned from Jamie's visit, because she got along well with the female roommates, and that it made him take credit for his relationships in the house. Christina interviews that this conversation was very different from her past arguments with CT, because this time he's willing to listen.

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