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Hot In Herre

In a confessional, Leah says she's going to go shower. The camera cuts to the silhouettes of Leah and Samir in the shower together. Poor Simon is standing right outside, and clearly has no idea what is going on a few feet away. Leah interviews that she's fun. Simon interviews that he thinks Giuseppe is "a really nice guy," and that he doesn't know what's going on. The schoolmarmish way Simon said that really cracked me up. Samir hops out of the shower and says that it's a really good one. I don't have any problem with Leah hooking up with multiple guys in such a short time span, because more power to her. I just hope Giuseppe is allowed to do the same, or has at least agreed to it. I do think it's kind of rude to do it in the communal shower, when all your roommates are around, but whatever. Clearly, none of them really cared.

And now it's time for the Most Awesome Thing I Saw on TV Last Week. The most awesome thing I saw on TV last week was the episode of Little House where Laura and her little buddy (who looks like a Monchichi) think they find gold in Plum Creek or whatever the creek was where they always went fishing. So it all starts when Mary drops a nickel on the ground and Willie and Monchichi get in a fight over it. Luckily, Mary is able to identify her nickel by the dent in the side (what?), so Miss Beadle gives it back to her and makes a comment about Sutter's Mill. This leads to a class lesson about Sutter's Mill, because Miss Beadle is all about the teachable moments. So then Laura and Monchichi go fishing and Monchichi hooks a fish and his line gets snagged and Laura goes into the water to help out and she's thrashing around like a bear and the fish gets away, plus she scares off all the other fish, like, good one, Laura. But then Laura notices all of these gold flakes on the bottom of the creek, like, how did they come to this creek practically every day and never notice the gold flakes before? But such is the way of Little House, so you just have to go with it. So then Laura and Monchichi decide to take all the gold out and get lots of money for their families, but they have to keep it a secret or it will be Sutter's Mill all over again. But the awesome parts were the fantasies that Laura had about her life after she got rich from the gold. In the first one, she and Mary wore all white and tiaras and rode up to school in a carriage. And Nellie and Willie were standing there in ratty clothes and dirty hair, like, I don't know why they got poor just because Laura got rich, like, apparently the wealth in Walnut Grove was a zero-sum game. And then Laura and Mary presented Miss Beadle with a box full of shiny apples, and then Nellie gave Miss Beadle an old, wormy apple and Miss Beadle just tossed it over her shoulder, which was pretty awesome. And then in Laura's second fantasy, the whole Ingalls clan was dressed all in white and the dirty Olesons were waiting on them hand and foot. And then in her third fantasy, every business in town had been renamed for the Ingalls family, including the Ingalls Mill, the Ingalls Bank, and the Ingalls Mercantile. Also, the town was renamed Ingalls Grove. So I guess Laura never heard of a little thing called humility. But then at the end, it turned out that it was fool's gold instead of real gold and Laura was all bummed out and they played the Little House theme in a minor key, but then Pa came and they had a heart-to-heart and everything was better. Which was awesome.

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