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Hot In Herre

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante-Sept. Leah and Christina arrive in Paris. So I guess Christina was on the train after all. They walk into the house and see CT, who won't talk to them at all. Leah calls him on it, but he's silent. CT interviews that he's not going to be buddy-buddy with them when they've been talking behind his back. CT and Mike walk out. Apparently, it's time for Mike to go home, and they're headed to the airport. CT complains about Leah's attitude. Mike makes fun of Leah's accent. He should talk. In a confessional, CT says that he's going to talk to his roommates, but that he doesn't think it will go well.

Adam comes bouncing out of the house like a frog, with his hair flopping all around. He interviews that his friend Samir is coming to visit, and that they've known each other since the sixth grade. Adam greets Samir at the train station. Adam dances down the street like a buffoon, and Samir reciprocates. What a couple of dillholes. In a confessional, Adam says he likes his roommates, but that there's no substitute for an old friend. Adam tells Samir that they're going out tonight and probably won't get home until 6:30 AM. I feel so old, because that sounds like no kind of fun to me. Adam promises that there will be hot girls there. Samir says that if they had that kind of nightlife in L.A., they would never get anything done. Yes, because L.A. is a city that has no clubs. Adam interviews that he and Samir like to party like rock stars, then pass out, wake up, and do it all over again.

Adam introduces Samir to his roommates. Leah acts like she already knows him, and gives him a big hug. Leah interviews that Samir has a great attitude, and that she thinks he's cute. She does? First of all, he's like four feet tall, and I'm willing to overlook that, but this guy looks like a douche. Maybe it's the visor that tipped me off. Samir asks Leah if she's going out with them. Leah gives him a look like, "Uh, duh!" and says that she certainly is. Where in the hell is Ace during all this? You'd think he'd be all over the partying.

The next morning, CT offers to make Leah a protein shake. She eats peanut butter straight from the jar with her finger (classy!) and asks how things are going with him and Jamie. CT says things are a little sad, and that he didn't appreciate Leah's telling Jamie about his conversation with Mike in the hot tub. Leah claims that Jamie heard it herself. Except, according to the timeline offered by the show last week (which I thought was fishy at the time), Wendy and Jamie were out of the house when CT and Mike had their conversation. CT says that Jamie claims someone told her. CT interviews that he doesn't want this confrontation to escalate, since that's what happened with Adam, and he feels like an ass now. CT suggests to Leah that Christina talked to Jamie about him. Leah has no response.

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