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Hot In Herre

Previously on The Real World: Leah went to see Giuseppe in Florence. Christina said (to Wendy) that she didn't have a good relationship with CT. CT felt like his roommates were interfering in his relationship with Jamie.

Florence, Italy. Good thing they specified, or I would have thought they meant Florence, Utah. Leah calls her mom from a pay phone while Giuseppe stands next to her. Leah interviews that Giuseppe gives her "the feeling that [she] feared for so long that [she] would never feel again." An orgasm? Leah tells her mom that she got engaged. Wha? In a confessional, Leah says that she and Giuseppe are getting married, and then admits that she's just kidding. Giuseppe says goodbye to Leah before she gets on the train. Where is Christina during all of this? Leah and Giuseppe blow kisses at each other, and then the train pulls away.

Leah sits on the train and looks sad. She interviews that after she broke up with her last boyfriend, she didn't think anyone would ever love her that much again, and that she wishes she had met Giuseppe earlier because she can let her guard down with him. The train travels through Europe and I think Leah might have ditched Christina, or possibly stashed her in an overhead compartment. Why did Christina have to go on this trip, again?

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante-Six. The phone rings in the house. CT talks to Jamie while doing some sort of stretching exercise. Jamie asks if he talked shit about her after she left, and whether he thinks she wanted to fight with him on purpose. I hate when I get into fights by accident. It's such a bummer. CT admits that he said some dumb things too. Jamie says that others told her what he said, too. CT is upset that Jamie will tell him information she gleaned from others but won't tell him who said what. CT wonders why his roommates can't mind their own business, and he thinks Christina is just making things worse.

That night, CT sits on the steps and talks to his cousin, Mike. Mike is still there. CT says that he lives with six strangers, who all come from different backgrounds, so there's constant conflict. Well, it's not like that's the premise of the show or anything. Except it totally is. CT interviews that he and Mike grew up together, so he knows Mike will always be there for him. CT says that he's uncomfortable with the things that were said to his girlfriend, and that he feels like he's given more respect to the others in the house than he's gotten. In a confessional, CT says that he can't trust his roommates because of what he's done. CT says that when people used to try to talk to him, he would blow them off. Mike agrees that CT used to be that way, but he notices that CT has changed, and doesn't hold grudges. Mike thinks that CT has a tough exterior, but that he really cares, deep down.

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