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Hijinks in the Hamptons

Previously on The Real World: Malik said that Jisela is flirtatious, but that she doesn't have casual sex, and that the two of them had sex because they love each other. The roommates found out that they were going to the Hamptons, and got to invite someone from the Casting Special. Everyone loved the Hamptons. Malik was unhappy that Jisela wasn't spending time with him. Jisela was nervous about the "boyfriend" label. Nicole said that this weekend was all about Bobby.

Nicole wakes up Bobby by shaking him. That, right there, would be ground to refuse sex, as far as I'm concerned. Nicole continues to give Bobby a hard time because he won't have sex with her. If you have to nag someone into having sex with you, there's something wrong with the relationship. In an interview, Nicole says that she wants to "make sweet, passionate love" with Bobby. Why are they giving us new information at this point? I thought Nicole hated Bobby. (I'm kidding.)

A bunch of the roommates and their guests hop on motorized scooters and head into town. Malik and Jisela are together. In an interview, Mike says that he doesn't think Malik and Jisela are on the same page about their relationship. Malik explains that Jisela "really got freaked out" by the way other people reacted to them being together. Jisela tells Malik that they aren't the typical couple. In an interview, Malik says that Jisela was affectionate to him in New York, but that she has barely spent time with him in the Hamptons. Jisela asks Malik, like, ten times whether he's sure things are okay between them, and Malik says that he's fine. Jisela speeds off on her scooter. Oh, good, so that storyline is done, then?

Bobby and Nicole make an omelet. Well, actually, Bobby tells Nicole what to do; then she does it; then he criticizes the way she does it. Nicole's all giggly about it, when I would have smashed an egg over his head already. I guess he's supposed to be teaching her, but it's really annoying. Rachel watches them. In an interview, Rachel says that Nicole is usually very assertive, but that around Bobby, she is submissive. Rachel wouldn't let a guy treat her that way. In an interview, Lori says that Bobby orders Nicole around, and that it's frustrating to watch. In an interview, Quarrel says that Nicole is "way, way over-Bobbied," and that she doesn't want to see Nicole get hurt, or see Nicole make a fool out of herself. Bobby thinks he's all master chef, but he makes the rookie mistake of keeping the heat too high, so the omelet ends up all burned on the bottom and practically raw on the inside. And then he blames Nicole for letting it burn. I hope he gets the salmonella from those uncooked eggs. Nicole talks about how ugly her omelet is.

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