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Higher Level of My Ass

Next week: Matt sees a girl he thinks is cute, and it causes him to go into an epileptic fit. At least, that's how I interpreted it. Meanwhile, David has to produce the next TV show (remember those?) which will be the seventh (!). We see, as Matt aptly describes it, "strippers parading around in their own bathing suits." I don't know why it mattered who the bathing suits belonged to. One of the strippers takes a digger. Hee!

Over the credits, Jamie sings in the shower about how cold he is, and how it makes his penis small. See, even thought it's kind of dumb, I much prefer this Jamie to self-important Jamie. Julie complains about his singing, and he starts chasing her around the bathroom while holding a T-shirt in front of his, well, small penis. Hey, he said it, not me. Julie freaks out and Jamie laughs.

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