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Higher Level of My Ass

Some little kid runs into the bedroom and tells Jamie to wake up. What the? Who is he? He starts wailing on Jamie with a pillow. Okay, the kid can stay. Jamie explains in an interview that "Gregory is a kid [he] met down on Magazine Street," and Jamie thought he could help him out. Help him out with what? Registering a domain name? Learning where all the good strip clubs are? Jamie asks for five more minutes of sleep, and then he'll mud wrestle with Gregory.

Julie and Gregory are outside in the same mud pit from the credits last week. In an interview, Jamie says that when Julie said she was making a mud-wrestling pit, "the immediate thing that popped into [his] mind was, 'Yes!'" Gregory is wearing Jamie's kilt, which is pretty cute since it comes down to his ankles. He introduces Julie and Jamie like boxing announcers do. Jamie is in swimming trunks and Julie has on shorts and a top. Melissa, Kelley, Lionel, and others watch from the porch. The match begins, and Jamie just throws Julie down in the mud a few times. Melissa laughs. You know how they were trying to make it out earlier like she was sour about the whole thing? She's clearly not, at least in this scene. Jamie voice-overs that mud wrestling is cool, raw, and primal. Julie strips down to her sports bra. Jamie says it's "animal-ly, the way she looks at you." They begin wrestling again, and Julie is actually on top for a while. Julie voice-overs that Jamie was beating her up at first, but then she started to come back, and then he "slammed [her] down on [her] neck." Let me draw upon my Smackdown! recapping experience to say that Jamie performed a DDT on Julie. Ow! In a confessional, Julie says she doesn't know what she was thinking with the mud pit. Then they start showing the mud pit in slow motion with close-ups on various body parts, as Jamie voice-overs that Julie emits a "vibe of sexual energy." Julie straddles Jamie in the mud pit. Melissa says that it's "getting sexual now." Now? The editors have been making it sexual for about ten minutes! In an interview, Melissa says that she "can't deny her sexual attraction to Jamie," and it's "bittersweet that [she] can't have him." I think that footage was from before she cut her hair. Could they be trying any harder to make this into "Melissa is jealous of Julie and Jamie"? And it's still not working. Julie and Jamie rub the mud off their faces and hug.

In an interview, Julie says, "That night..." and then stutters and stammers as if she is trying to choose her words carefully, and ends with, "It's just weird." We see the shot from the preview last week of Julie standing on the steps and kissing Jamie. In an interview, Jamie explains how the kiss happened. Basically, they got closer and closer. Wow, that was helpful. I swear to God, they play Love Boat music during the kiss, which appears to last all of two seconds, because they cut away really quickly.

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