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Higher Level of My Ass

Coming back from commercial, they show a human statue dressed as some sort of Virgin Mary/angel, and I rewound the tape five times because it looked really cool. I totally thought it was a statue and then some guy put money in front of her and she bowed to him.

Oh yeah, the show. Melissa and Jamie are sitting on the steps. Melissa is eating a pound cake, it looks like, and Jamie is eating grapes. Jamie asks her if she knows what "Zazen" is, and Melissa doesn't. Jamie reads to her from a piece of paper, and says it's "the practice of sitting and concentrating together." In an interview, Jamie babbles about "higher consciousness." Could I be less interested in the "Jamie's spiritual awakening" subplot? Maybe; only if it was Matt's spiritual awakening. Jamie asks Melissa to practice "thirty seconds of Zazen" and to "be mindful of everything." Jamie explains what "everything" means. Thanks, dude. Melissa rolls her eyes and chews on her pound cake, but agrees. Then the sound guys turn the volume up so that we hear, very loudly, the streetcar bell, the church bells, dogs barking, birds chirping. Hmm, peaceful. No roommates talking. I wish we could have thirty minutes of Zazen every week. Well, it would be kind of difficult to recap. Jamie says, "Do you think I could hit our car with this grape?" Hee hee! That's totally the kind of thing I would say if I were bored. Melissa laughs at him because he couldn't even stay silent for thirty seconds. Jamie laughs. In an interview, Jamie is wearing Matt's smooshed-paint shirt. I guess if he couldn't get spiritual on his own, he thought wearing Matt's shirt might help. Jamie says he's "not there yet." Jamie invites Melissa to a party at an art gallery that will be full of "pretentious, emotional people." It's the perfect Real World party!

The art gallery really is filled with pretentious people. Melissa bumps into someone she knows, and in an interview, she explains that it's Lionel, an "artist friend" of hers. She asks what he's doing the next day and proposes that they grab lunch together and then paint. Lionel thinks that sounds great.

Melissa is at Lionel's house (I guess) and admiring his paintings. She runs her hand over one, and I think it's still wet and she's going to ruin it. I was wrong. The paintings are really good. Melissa comments on some "baby table" -- that it's in their house, so maybe Lionel did some of the artwork at Belfort? Who knows. Lionel shows her a cool Flash movie on his computer. Melissa voice-overs that Lionel is "someone to be admired." She looks at the painting he is working on for Jazzfest. In an interview, Melissa says it's nice that Lionel is "taking time out of his busy painting schedule to teach [her]." Melissa strikes "a deal" with Lionel so she can come over every Sunday for a painting lesson, and says that Lionel can laugh when she leaves. Lionel asks if he can laugh while she is still there. Go, Lionel! He's funny.

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