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Higher Level of My Ass

Melissa comes in the house and immediately goes to discuss her date with Julie. Melissa tells Julie that Eric has a girlfriend, and that he told her straight out. In an interview, Julie says that right now, Melissa needs to "quit trying to change the external and start working on the internal." Do you see the theme of this episode? Do you? Too bad, because the editors will only continue to hammer it home for the second half of the show. Melissa says that Eric had "the friendship talk" with her and they weren't even going out, and now she feels like she "got dumped." Then Julie looks sad, then Melissa looks sad. Aw, I feel kind of bad for Melissa. I think future Real World-ers should make a policy of not dating locals while taping, because you don't know if they are interested in you or the cameras. If they really are interested in you, they will still be interested when taping is over. Just a little advice from Aunt Kim.

We hear giggling and Julie says, "I can't believe us talking about this." Jamie claims to be a good kisser, and they flirtatiously discuss what it means to be a good kisser. In an interview, Jamie says that out of the seven roommates, "Julie, the virgin, has the strongest sex drive in the whole house." Julie asks Jamie if he's a biter, and he clarifies that he is a nibbler. I can't believe I just typed that sentence. Julie plays with a hair clip as the music says, "I just want to get down in the house." What could the editors be trying to say here? Julie tells Jamie she can't kiss him because they are roommates. Jamie implies that he's a really good kisser, again. In an interview, Melissa says that Julie wants a challenge. Whoa! Melissa's hair is really long in this interview. Like, it was either before she got her haircut or the day before they moved out. Julie says that she thinks Melissa would have a problem with Julie and Jamie kissing. In an interview, Julie says that she "honestly thinks [Melissa] has feelings for Jamie," and she doesn't want anything to come between her and Melissa as friends. We see a shot of Melissa looking at Julie and Jamie with a sour expression, and it so conveniently fits in with what Julie just said in her interview. It's like they planned it or something. Then they reuse two clips from earlier -- Julie playing with the hair clip, and saying, "I can't believe us talking about this." Like, clearly, the "Julie and Jamie" flirting thing didn't last long enough for an entire scene, so they had to use a couple of things twice. Whatever.

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