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Higher Level of My Ass

Tonight on Real World: see what they did there? It's not "Previously On..." It's "Tonight on..." After weeks of using clips that have never been seen before in the "Previously On..." segment, they're just giving up the ghost. Anyway, Matt and Jamie get on a streetcar. Jamie wants to be more spiritual. Matt says some people are just starting their "spiritual journeys." Namely, Jamie. I didn't know if you would get the subtle allusion. They go to church. Here's my theory on the "Previously On..." thing. Jamie really didn't talk that much about being on a "spiritual journey." So they had to splice all of the times that he did into this one episode. This explains why it was never alluded to before, and will never be again. It's this one episode. That's it. Same with Jamie and Julie's "relationship." But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Some stripper -- sorry, "exotic dancer" -- wearing a schoolgirl outfit writhes on a stage as Jamie and his "friends" enter the strip club. I put "friends" in quotation marks because I really only see one friend. Oh wait, there's a girl there, too, so I guess the plural is justified. In an interview, Jamie says that he has friends visiting every weekend, and said friends want to go out on the town, so he has to go even if he doesn't want to. I was going to make a remark here about how he doesn't have to, but you know what? He kind of does. I mean, I guess he didn't have to invite the friends in the first place, but maybe he's trying to make the most of his short time in New Orleans. And also, he's had friends there every weekend? They've shown friends visiting him a total of one time before tonight. Jamie drinks at the strip club. Jamie gets a lap dance from a female stripper while the two people who would theoretically be the least interested in said lap dance (Danny and some chick who I'm going to assume for purposes of this exercise is straight) look on. Then, they have to recycle clips of the schoolgirl dancer and Jamie chewing on some ice because apparently they didn't get enough footage to make up an entire scene.

Outside the strip club, Jamie tells Melissa that he's "lost perspective of God." Melissa was there? What? Jamie gets into a car and says that going to strip clubs on the Sabbath is not good. Then they put it in slow motion as he pulls away, and play sad music, so that you think that Jamie is really unhappy about his wild lifestyle. In an interview, Jamie says that he just wanted to get home and away from the whole thing.

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