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Hey Look, More Snow

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Hey Look, More Snow

And so the passive-aggressive cleaners view this one altruistic deed as their gift from God unto man. Some time later, they spy in the sink -- dun-DUN-duuuuuuun -- a dish! Run! They deduce somehow that it was Jason's dish, and so Sean, Syrus, and Montana break out some posterboard and a marker (knowing full well how much longer this recap is going to be with all this writing), and Montana writes, "Ye of much filth..." And then something about the kitchen stinking. Syrus, meanwhile, breaks out another piece of cardboard and writes "Pig of the Day" on it and covers it with the remainder of the food in the kitchen. Then they hang it on the wall and leave his dishes in his room. Clique #1 stumbles across the sign and retorts on the back: "Just because you cleaned the kitchen once doesn't make you God. Kiss my ass." And then a sign below is, "Sean: Asshole of the Year." And then below it, "ha ha."

And then, fight. Sean is standing on a chair, which I guess means his soapbox was so pathetically broken down from overuse and he still had to stand on something. And he's wearing that tank top again, clearly exhibiting that Tank Top Kevin didn't swing through with a fashion tip or ab reductor of any kind in the past fourteen TV minutes. Kameelah cowers in the corner with The Cat of Vulnerability while Genesis screams at Sean and he counters that she never sticks up for herself. Incidentally, this fight was Boston's conciliation entry in the MTV Real World poll for "Best Fight," because they had to nominate this season for something and they decided that "Most Boring Season" probably wouldn't be a great way to attract advertising dollars to these twelve hours of the marathon. Make no mistake, people: this is a boring, boring fight.

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