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Hey Look, More Snow

Next morning. Jason, Kameelah, and Genesis (I'm sorry, I know these people have issues and all, but if I had to choose one clique over another, these are the people I'm hanging out with) mourn the passing of Ye Olde Fortune Cookies and their too-brief time on the firehouse walls. Kameelah wants to know why the other clique didn't just say something when they saw her putting them up, and Genesis lobs perhaps the only hypothesis that isn't to some extent true: "I guess they brooded over it all day, then figured out that they were just jealous before they were too f---kin' stupid to think of anything like that to put on the wall." Jason notes that "the things we thought about and wrote about were not a joke." Um, "we"? Genesis wonders if Montana didn't take some things personally, like the "using your childhood as an excuse." Jason expresses some surprise at this one (but Jason, I thought you wrote them), noting that a sentiment like that was, in fact, directed at Montana. Which it was. Kameelah is the only person on the planet displaying a little non-passive backbone, sitting at the computing and stating, "They're going back up, basically." And so Ye Olde Fortune Cookies will get another life.

Confessional. Sean holds up a pan to block the prepubescent, Bar Mitzvah boy moustache that has recently become acquainted with his face, waves said pan at the camera, and observes, "This is a pan." Thanks, Martha Stewart. Now what's that mystery appliance that toasts? Helpfully Identified Pan is filled with the remnants of a food product of some kind. He complains that the pan was put into the dishwasher just as it was, with "crap caked all over it." Cakes? Shout-out? Cut to a montage of Sean and Syrus cleaning the whole house, Syrus self-righteously reporting, "Cleanliness is Godliness, I've been taught that all my life." But conveniently forgot until it was suddenly essential for plot progression, I guess.

Genesis arrives home with Kameelah and Tank Top Kevin and comments, "I can't believe this house is actually clean and it wasn't me and Kameelah that cleaned it." She continues that they are the only people who lift a finger, and hilariously comments, "We can't be so lucky to think everybody moved out of here when we were gone. All I know is that nothing's better than walking into this house and finding it spotless with no one here." Word. And I totally believe that Genesis and Kameelah are the only people who ever clean. Syrus and Sean making such a big-ass deal about it leads me to believe that they only did it out of spite. And I know this sounds downright loopy, but waiting for all of your housemates to leave, scrubbing the place clean, and making yourself scarce when you know they're coming home is one of the most passive-aggressive activities I can think of as a roommate. Because there's no way you can argue with it. My senior year of college, we sniped behind each others' back constantly, disappeared accordingly, and by the end of the year we were using the toilet as a decorative fruit bowl. Okay, no we didn't. But we did fight a lot. To recap (and isn't that what I do? Sometimes?), cleaning is good. Cleaning plus indignant bullshit, bad. It's scrapy. It's scrapy as hell, man. And not in a good way.

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