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Hey Look, More Snow

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Hey Look, More Snow

Cut to a woeful montage of Sean and Jason slo-mo snowboarding (or, in Jason's case, inventing that new winter sport "snowfalling") in white wifebeaters. Because it seems that God, y'know, hates me. Back on the bus, Poor, Poor Anthony attempts to keep the mood light when he yells, "You guys, Montana wants to hear the alligator song, chowdah chowdah chowdah." Sigh.

And we're back in Boston, the hard-rockin' guitar that accompanies that first shot of the CCC an indicator that Anthony was not able to leave his issues with the housemates' irresponsibility on top of Mount Slow. Sean sits in Anthony's office with his feet up on a bookshelf, and we cut in on Sean non-apologetically non-rationalizing, "It's not to say that I don't enjoy being here." Anthony, standing defensively behind his desk, speaks the one-sentence truth, "You disappeared on the mountain." Sean points a finger accusingly and begins, "Anthony..." Yeah, Sean? What? No, really. WHAT? Anthony continues, "You took it upon yourself to leave," which Sean deems "not a big issue," when in fact it was the only issue Anthony put forth for the entire weekend. In a confessional, Sean admits, "We didn't actually do what we were supposed to do on the field trip." Back at the CCC, Anthony kind of folds and tells Sean, "I was disappointed last night. That's how I feel." Back in voice-over, Sean tells us that he was "a little selfish" and then shrugs it off. I'm going to go ahead and let this one pass without comment, so self-evident is his raging awfulness. Except for this one little comment: smug, hypocritical, entitled, kid-hating bastard. Ahem. Sorry.

Snowy Night in Boston montage as Genesis offers free advertising and firehouse pathos in one elegant sentence, "We went to dinner at the Back Bay Brewing Company, which was very weird, 'cause it was the first time the seven of us had actually sat down together and talked." Nice commercial, Genesis. I half-expect her to tag on: "The Back Bay Brewing Company! So fun, you can even go with people you hate!" But she doesn't. Sitting in a circle not eating or drinking, we cut in on Sean gesturing to the rest of the group madly and announcing, "Both of you guys [Genesis and Kameelah], I don't talk to you, you don't talk to me." Genesis one-ups him on the ol' Alienated Housemate Spectrum, pointing out, "I don't talk to you [Sean], you [Elka], you [Montana], Syrus [not present, natch], sometimes even Jason. I don't talk to Jason for two days sometimes, I don't even see him for two days. So it's nothing personal against you [Sean]. I just don't choose to have conversations with any one of you." Yikes. Syrus voice-overs, "I've done nothing but be overly nice to that girl, but I know now to not go out of my way." Syrus mysteriously appears in a shot sitting next to Genesis and is gone again in a moment, as Sean clarifies, "Us [he and Syrus] and Montana, you don't enjoy hanging out with, because you have nothing in common with us." Genesis shakes her head in agreement. Ha ha. Way to step up and speak some truth. Sean gets all Smarmy Lawyer Guy and argues, "If you don't want to have a relationship with me, then we won't even talk, that's fine. But I'm not making that decision, you are." He continues that he's okay ignoring her for the rest of the time they're in the house, and she claims that they'll never be "one big happy family." A song with the words "you're wasting his time, and my time as well" cranks up as Genesis stands up and storms off. Clever. One can only hope the "his" in that song stands for "Djb's." Because man, it should.

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