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Hey Look, More Snow

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Hey Look, More Snow

Cut to, sweet Georgia peach, another snow montage. It snows in the northeast. We get it, Boston. What is this, Old Farmer's Almanac: The Movie?

Firehouse exterior, with the voice-over line, "Are you in your underwear again?" coming from inside. Damn, I don't like where this is going one bit. It was Montana speaking, and speaking to Sean, and we cut to inside the bathroom where Shirtless Sean and Montana are flinging water at each other and generally acting out wacky hijinks as Kameelah rolls an eye and speaks the truth in a confessional: "The relationship that Sean and Montana have has definitely surpassed any kind of brotherly/sisterly love. They are just way out of control." Cut back to more of same, where this Battle of Culinary Hilarity moves from the bathroom to every other room and from water and shaving cream to a variety of food products scraped from between couch cushions and rubbed all over Sean's bed. At the other end, Montana is lying in Sean's bed, rubbing this horrific mess all over his sheets. As he muses on where he's going to sleep tonight and the rest of the roommates howl with laughter, Sean looks at the actual composition of the food and punch lines, "Where in the hell did you get an éclair?" Because this is so exactly the kind of mischief these kooky kids would be up to if they weren't vying to be tagged as "The Fun One" when this episode airs. Well, at least it's the camera that's gobbling that éclair up, rather than a curious Sean (whose burgeoning handles of love we're subjected to by virtue of his unsolicited and perpetual shirtlessness), who doesn't need to be knowing just where it came from at all. The Folksy Acoustic Guitar of Childhood Innocence strums lightly as we shoot over to the CCC, where Poor, Poor Anthony is announcing, "This weekend, I need you to be with the kids. Like, for the whole weekend." He is telling this to only Jason, but we then cut outside to find Anthony pulling Syrus into his office and giving him the same speech, adding, "I want to make it absolutely crystal clear about what's expected of you this weekend. We need to be with the children. Okay? Not, like, hanging out with your friends and things like that." Verbatim speech to Montana. They all assent to be the most helpful of all. It's only too bad Poor, Poor Anthony didn't have the opportunity to offer said homily to the uninvited chaperone "Ironic Foreshadowing," who took this downtime at the CCC to sneak out and pick up his new pair of skis and also to run home to get his permission slip signed.

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