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He's Just Not That Into You

In honor of the upcoming three-week break from this show, there will be no Most Awesome Thing this week. (No, that doesn't really make any sense, but there you have it.)

Karamo and Dorian have a conversation about how Karamo hates Whitey. Karamo explains that his father gave him all these books on the civil-rights movement when Karamo was nine or ten, but that no one ever explained to Karamo that those types of things weren't still happening today. So his father told him about the civil-rights movement, but didn't tell him the ways in which it succeeded? That's weird. I mean, the struggle for racial equality is far from over, don't get me wrong. Karamo interviews that he has "distrust issues with people outside of [his] race." Is "distrust" even a word? I looked it up, and it turns out that it is, but it's not an adjective, so that's why it sounded weird. It's a noun or a transitive verb. Anyway. Dorian says that some of his closest friends are white, and that they've never done anything to violate his trust. Karamo interviews that he's not used to dating guys like Dorian, and that while they have intellectual conversations, he needs something more. I think he means passion or a spark or something.

After Dorian leaves, Karamo talks over the situation with Willie, who thinks Dorian is a nice guy. Karamo smirks over the music Dorian listens to, which is '80s R&B. Karamo interviews that he "needs somebody who also embraces the hip-hop culture." Karamo tells Willie that when he's processing something, he paces, and it helps him think. Willie seems completely uninterested in what Karamo has to say. Karamo paces around the house.

Sarah talks to her mom on the phone. Sarah interviews that her mother has had leukemia since Sarah was seventeen, and that she's currently undergoing radiation therapy. Sarah's mom jokes about her radiation therapy. Sarah interviews that her mom fooled herself into thinking she could control it, and now it's out of control. Sarah's mom complains that her sense of taste is shot, and jokes about it some more. Sarah wipes away tears and stays silent.

Sarah tells MJ that her disordered eating started when she found out that her mom had cancer. Sarah thinks that she felt a lack of control over her life, and that the only thing she could control was her eating. MJ asks about Sarah's mom's cancer. Sarah says that her mom was originally told that she had five to ten years to live. MJ softly says he's sorry about that. Sarah says that many people deal with family illness without trying to destroy themselves, and that her mom wishes for health, and yet Sarah undermines her own health. MJ asks if it was anorexia or bulimia. Sarah says it started as the former and continued as the latter but, when MJ asks, tells him that she hasn't done it in months. MJ interviews that he's been around a lot of women with eating disorders, and that he understands what Sarah is dealing with.

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