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Helllooo, Kitty!

Due to technical difficulties, there will be no Most Awesome Thing this week. Tune in next week for a new Most Awesome Thing, and in the meantime, enjoy the recap.

Frankie and Jacquese get out of the SUV. I don't know exactly when Frankie's attire morphed from "alternative" to "streetwalker," but it happened sometime between the last two episodes. Frankie is wearing a tight black camisole with a leopard-print visible bra underneath; a black leather miniskirt; and knee-high black leather boots with fishnet tights. Frankie greets Adam, her earlobe-stretching friend. Jacquese interviews that Adam is Frankie's "friend quote unquote." Shouldn't he have put the quotation marks around the word "friend"? Jacquese adds that, everywhere the roommates go, Adam seems to be there, and that Frankie should be careful. Frankie and Adam giggle together in a club. Frankie interviews that she and Adam share a lot of the same interests (which I'm sure include piercings, tattoos, the early works of Jean-Paul Sartre -- except maybe that last one) and that's what makes a relationship. Well, that and the ability of both parties to enter into the relationship freely and unencumbered by a boyfriend back home.

Adam asks Frankie if she wants to get some tattoos while she's in San Diego. Frankie says that her boyfriend would probably be jealous if she got a tattoo from someone else, because "it's kind of like a 'claiming your territory' kind of thing." Sounds more like an asshole kind of thing, but then again, unless I hear Dave directly say that he feels that way, I tend to think that Frankie just made it up. And didn't they break up? Why is she still calling Dave her boyfriend? Frankie interviews that she and Dave broke up (I thought so!), and that she's just going to live her life. Adam asks Frankie how many piercings she has besides the ones on her face. It sounds like Frankie says she has twelve in her face. Well, that seems a little excessive. Adam immediately asks Frankie if her nipples are pierced. Frankie nods. Adam asks if they are horizontal or vertical. Frankie says she has both. Ouch! I don't understand that. And also, ouch. Adam is impressed. Me? Not so much.

Frankie interviews that Adam is good-looking, but that she really just wants someone cool to hang out with. Adam monotones that he hates cigarettes, and that he only smokes them when he's nervous or bored, and that he's nervous right now. Frankie asks why, and Adam says that she makes him nervous, but that it's not a bad thing. Frankie smiles, because she's getting the male attention that she craves.

The next day, Frankie wanders around the house in Cameran's trucker hat. Cameran asks what Adam said, and whether Frankie likes him. Frankie claims that she doesn't like Adam "like that." Cameran interviews that Frankie likes Adam, even if she denies it. Frankie says that Adam is a nice guy. Cameran assures Frankie that Adam likes her, and Robin says that Adam told her Frankie is hot. Frankie insists that this doesn't mean he likes her. Jamie sits there silently, wisely staying out of this Frankie-ego-stroking conversation. Frankie interviews that "outsiders" (like Matt Dillon and Ralph Macchio?) are going to "put a spin on the Adam/Frankie saga," but that what matters are "the intentions of the people involved." Sounds like post-incident damage control to assuage the at-home boyfriend to me. I heard a lot of that from my freshman-year roommate, who would kiss guys at parties and then insist to her boyfriend that no matter what he heard from their mutual friends at our school, she definitely didn't cheat on him, and they're just haters spreading rumors. Thank God she broke up with him at Thanksgiving break. Frankie insists that she and Adam are just friends. Uh-huh.

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