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He Said, She Said

Arissa calls Dario, but gets his voicemail. In an interview, Arissa says that she needs Dario, because Dario is her best friend and her family. In bed, Arissa and Irulan discuss Arissa's relationship. Arissa says that she's "completely horny" and that she needs "to get [her] ass smacked and [her] hair pulled." Well, that's one way of putting it. Irulan asks if Arissa thinks that she'll make it the whole time they're taping the show without hooking up with someone else; Arissa doesn't think she will. Okay, aren't they only in the house for, like, four or five months? Is it really so difficult to go that long without hooking up? Am I just a mutant freak? Wait, don't answer that. In an interview, Arissa says, "There are times where Steve seems very attractive." Funny how she said "seems" very attractive, not that Steve is very attractive. Arissa tells Irulan how much she wants to kiss Steve's mouth. Meanwhile, are Steve and Trishelle still hooking up regularly, or did the threesome kill that off? In an interview, Irulan says that Arissa gave her the impression that Arissa would end up hooking up with Steven.

Arissa goes and sits on Steven's bed. She complains that she can't sleep, and that she wants Steven to entertain her. Steven says that Arissa doesn't want him to "entertain" her. I don't know how he manages, but you can hear the quotation marks around the word "entertain." He is Mr. Double Entendre. Arissa insists that she does want to be entertained. In an interview, Arissa says that in order to cope with the loneliness, she gets affection from Steven, even if it's not the type she needs. Arissa curls up with her head on Steven's chest, on top of the covers. It's actually very innocent, especially compared with what we've seen in the two previous episodes. Steven says that he'll do his best to make sure that Arissa and Irulan are good girls the whole time. If they're putting Steven in charge of their virtue, they'll be turning tricks at the Chicken Ranch by next week. Arissa says she's trying to be good, but that it's getting more difficult. She gets up and goes back to her room. As far as I could tell, there was no kissing or rubbing or anything like that. Arissa was on top of the blankets, in her pajamas and robe, and Steven was underneath the covers.

Meanwhile, Frank is brushing his teeth. Arissa goes back to bed and asks Irulan what she would do if Dario weren't in the picture. Then there's a weird voice-over that is Arissa saying that she wants to be a bad girl, but she can't, because of Dario. But the camera was on Irulan, so who knows when in the hell Arissa actually said that. Frank walks in, and Arissa jokes that he's just in the nick of time. In an interview, Arissa says that she said something to Irulan, and Irulan immediately told Frank. In other words, Arissa says, "Irulan put me on shout." When I first heard that phrase, before I figured out what it meant from the context, I thought Arissa was talking about the laundry detergent. And I thought there was some connection, like that Irulan was airing Arissa's dirty laundry. Hey, it made sense at the time. But apparently, it means that Irulan was telling Arissa's business to other people -- namely, Frank. Speaking of Frank, he comes in and lies across Arissa's bed. Frank asks Arissa if she hooked up with Steve, and Arissa swears that she didn't.

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