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Guess What? Ruthie Has a Problem.

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Guess What? Ruthie Has a Problem.

Previously on The Real World, Ruthie said, "It's scary being on my own, but it's cool because I don't know what I'm going to do next." Apparently, what she's going to do next is get loaded into an ambulance and intubated while Wonder Bread says that he thinks she's going to die from alcohol poisoning, and then come home and announce that she's not going to quit, but she will drink in moderation instead. So, this episode is going to be about how Ruthie learns to drink in moderation.

Annoying, Ruthie and Wonder Bread are using their collective brain power to figure out how to light the gas grill. Finally, Annoying shows that she is the smartest because she knows how to read. Ruthie and Wonder Bread lean over the grill and just as I'm anticipating a flaming Ruthie kebab, lean back as the grill lights up. Wonder Bread then says, "We have gaaahhhss. We have lots of gahhhsss." The way he says it makes me think it's a line from a movie or something, because he used this accent. Then again, he's a giant dork. Wonder Bread informs us that the gang is going to have a barbecue. For those viewers who aren't familiar with the concept of a barbecue, he explains, "We're going to have people over to the house to have fun." Well, I feel better knowing that. I wasn't sure what he meant by the word "barbecue." It must be one of those Hawaiian words like "Aloha" that can have many meanings.

Tetanus Girl says that she's happy to have Calvin (their boss at Local Motion) and his girlfriend over because she thinks that it'll be nice for them to see the house. Not that they would want to treat Calvin to a nice meal for all the crap he has put up with, or for being such a great boss. No, they want to have him over to show off the house that they didn't earn or decorate. Good to know.

Calvin and Pam (his girlfriend) arrive and Annoying tells us she has developed a friendship with Pam (since no one in the house likes her) and that Pam is open-hearted and open-armed. As the barbecue kicks into gear, some musicians are jamming on acoustic guitars and Teck plays the bongo, and people are singing. Suddenly, Tupac, I mean Ruthie, drops some science on us by busting a rhyme (see, I can talk street lingo just as well as Tetanus Girl!). Here is Ruthie's rap:

I'm coming out on the backside, stepping on the scene
I"ll be the cream of the crop while you're sweatin' like a fiend
For the sass I possess to be the best from the west

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