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Greece Is The Word

The roommates arrive in Greece and wander through the airport, looking for the baggage claim. Frankie isolates herself from the others, who look at each other and smile like, "Yep, there goes Frankie, creating drama again." Brad interviews that Frankie avoids the group, and that he doesn't know why, because they haven't done anything to her. The roommates collect their bags, including the one that belongs to Frankie. Apparently too busy pouting to collect her own bag, Frankie has to be called over and told that her bag has arrived. Frankie is acting really weird. No, more than usual. She's dazed. Maybe it's the long flight. Frankie interviews that travel is always stressful, but that she's so annoyed with her roommates right now that if they talk to her at all, she might go off. Cameran asks Frankie what's wrong, and Frankie huffs, "Nothing! Jeez!" Yeah, how dare Cameran express concern, especially when Frankie has a terminal illness? Cameran stretches and says that she won't let Frankie ruin her vacation. Cameran interviews that Frankie gets on her nerves, because whenever everyone else has fun, Frankie acts all upset. Frankie is Debbie Downer (tm trissh).

A postcard graphic informs us that the roommates are in Athens. They take a bus to their hotel. Brad and Randy are sharing a room, and when they walk in, they see that the beds are pushed together, so they make a joke about spooning. At least I think it was a joke. Frankie sits on the balcony outside her room, reading. And it's probably important to note that Frankie's room is right next to Brad and Randy's room. Randy starts talking about how he thinks Frankie is sensitive and a good listener. Randy interviews that Frankie wants to be carefree, but that she's struggling with many issues. Oh, Randy. So naïve. Frankie doesn't want to be carefree, because then she wouldn't get to surround herself with drama! And many of her issues are self-created. Brad wonders why Frankie has to take her anger out on other people, and points out that she likes to "act like this is Frankie's world and nobody else is important." Because she's self-absorbed. Isn't that pretty much the definition? Randy points out that their window is open, and that anyone could be listening in on their conversation. Brad says that he doesn't care. Frankie interviews that she didn't even want to be in Greece, and that she doesn't think it's a good idea to confront the boys at the moment, because she'll come off as a bitch, and then no one will talk to her for the remainder of the trip. Keep that statement in mind later, when Frankie claims she doesn't care what the others think about her. Also, does Frankie understand that you can discuss issues without a huge confrontation and blowout? Wouldn't it have been a lot more mature to walk into the guys' room and talk it out right then? Ha! Look what I just said there. Silly recapper. Expecting Frankie to be mature.

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