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Gotta Be the Shoes

Previously on The Real World: This is one of those segments I hate, where they show footage we've never seen before and introduce brand-new "storylines," all the while insisting that it happened on the show previously. So then you're all, "Wait, did I miss an episode?" Or in my case, "Wait, did I forget to recap an episode? And no one noticed? Wow, people must really not read my recaps. I wonder if I'm about to be fired." And I don't need that kind of stress. So the editors could at least have the decency to title the segment, "Tonight on The Real World." Anyway, not at all previously on The Real World, Mallory had terrible fashion sense. Adam loved the ladies, and Ace thought that signified a self-esteem problem.

We start with footage of a fashion show. Cut to the house, where Mallory shows off her backless black loafers. Leah groans and says that those must be the ugliest shoes in Mallory's closet. Christina thinks the ugliest ones are Mallory's boots. Mallory holds one up, and they seriously look like something Gene Simmons would wear in 1978. They are the biggest platform boots ever. And Mallory is already a tall girl, so she must be a giant in them. Which would be kind of awesome. Simon says that the boots need to be thrown out. Mallory responds, "They're shoes! Who the hell pays attention to that?" Simon looks at Leah, shocked. Hee! Mallory agrees to wear some strappy black sandals, but says she's going to wear them with socks. Simon interviews that Mallory is a tomboy. Leah and Christina laugh at Mallory's socks/sandals combo. Mallory interviews that Leah and Christina are very stylish (they are?), whereas Mallory likes to wear baggy sweaters and sweatpants. Mallory threatens to put on her old sneakers if they don't shut up about her shoes. She puts them on with her black pants and sweater. They look awful. But comfortable.

Adam brings home a woman named Stephanie, and introduces her around. Adam interviews that he met her at a club, because he overheard her speaking English to her friend. That's his main criterion for a date now? Speaks English? Wow. Simon is busy getting shoes for Leah, who apparently has, like, a whole closet full of shoes. Which is my dream. Adam shows Stephanie the poolroom. Apparently Stephanie came over to go out with the roommates. Mallory gets Simon's okay on her fashion choices and they all take off.

The roommates hang out at a club. Mallory voice-overs that Adam is attracted to a lot of different types of girls (including the type that are male). Adam interviews that Stephanie "seems a bit standoffish," which he understands, since they just met.

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