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Goodnight, Irene

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Goodnight, Irene

Okay, this is it. The episode we have waited for all season. The one for which this season is famous. Fasten your seatbelts, babies. It's going to be a bumpy nine pages.

Lindsay, Janet, and Irene sit in the conference room at the radio station, discussing their show. Okay, "discussing" might be a misleading term. Really, Lindsay is telling Janet what to say, including the words "which is my personal favorite." So spontaneous, that Janet. Irene just rubs her forehead and starts plotting how she can get the hell away from these two. Don't worry, Irene -- in twenty-two minutes it will all be over. Rebecca is present at the meeting as well. Lindsay generously (not!) tells Irene that she can "plan [her] own breaks." Irene straightens up, white as a ghost, and says that she feels "very sick right now." Lindsay asks whether she wants to go home, and Irene does. Lindsay gives her fucking permission, because apparently she's the boss. Like Irene isn't an adult with a chronic illness who can make decisions on her own. In an interview, Janet says that Irene gets "very groggy" because "she's heavily medicated," and that it's understandable. Irene gets up to leave, and Lindsay wisely (again, not!) suggests that Irene "eat and have a cup of coffee" to wake herself up. Or she could just go to sleep and then call her doctor to complain about the side effects of the medication. In an interview, Irene says that nobody noticed how sick she's been, but that's how the disease works. No, that's how her self-absorbed roommates work.

Back at the radio station, Lindsay starts their stupid radio show, and still insists upon calling Janet "J," which is so annoying. "J" says, "Hey, guys!" which she probably read from a piece of paper because she's unable to speak on the air unless it's something Lindsay wrote down for her.

The next day, maybe, Irene tells Rebecca that she is having a hard time coping with being in "an on-and-on situation," i.e. being on television and having cameras and lights in her face all the time. Janet and Lindsay are there also. In an interview, Irene says that she has good roommates, but that they "can't support [her] right now." Lindsay starts to say something about Irene's "holding all this in," and Irene retorts that she didn't want to hold it in, but she didn't have "anywhere to go with it." Which is true, but it also might not be an indictment of her roommates. Maybe she just didn't want to talk about it on camera. In an interview, Janet bitches that Irene claims she's too busy listening to everyone else's problems that she never gets to talk about her own, and no one asks about them. Janet snarks, "That's not true!" Yeah! Because Janet took that one day to be nice to Irene. I mean, what more does the bitch want? It's not like she's the one in chronic pain or something. It's not like she's dealing with a potentially fatal disease. Jesus. Some people.

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