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Good Riddance

Previously on The Real World: Annoying hooked up with Colin's friend Tony. Wonder Bread thought she was trying to make Colin jealous. Tetanus Girl was "disgusted" by her behavior. Colin wouldn't talk to Annoying. When Annoying confronted Tetanus Girl and Wonder Bread about their reasons for being mad at her, they said that she talks about people behind their backs, and that she needs to step back and look at herself. They also laughed at her and ignored her when she tried to apologize and make amends. In this episode, we only have an hour before they will all leave.

This episode picks up right where the last episode ended, during Annoying's confrontation with her roommates. We hear the Guitar Chords of Hostility as Annoying tries to get to the bottom of things with Tetanus Girl. Annoying asks her questions about why they are all mad and Tetanus Girl grunts and holds her stomach as if she is constipated. The captioning actually calls it "dramatic grunting" which is pretty comical. Tetanus Girl tells Annoying the problem is that she doesn't see herself. Wonder Bread says, "I'm done. I can't take it anymore," and walks away. Colin walks away as well. Tetanus Girl says she would rather see the good in people. Colin walks outside. Annoying cries in her bed. It would be easier to feel sorry for her if she didn't make such strange noises when she cries. This whole scene was weirdly edited. The scenes were just thrown together with no effort made at continuity. At one point Tetanus Girl is standing near the pool table and then suddenly she is by the phone. Colin walks towards his room and then he is walking outside.

Colin is in the van with Ruthie. He says that he told Annoying they can't be friends, but that he accepted her apology. Ruthie feels bad because Annoying "was in a hole, and part of me wants to give her another chance." In a confessional, Ruthie says, "The house has found someone to focus on once again, besides themselves [sic]. It's always easier to bond together and focus on one person." There goes that "house as sentient being" crap. Why wouldn't she just say "my roommates"?

Annoying calls Pam. There was some confusion in the forums about this, so I want to point out that there was always only one Pam. She's the one for whom Ruthie did the lap dance in an earlier episode. At some point they stopped referring to her as "Calvin's girlfriend" and started referring to her as "Amaya's friend," which led some people to believe that she was someone Annoying knew from home. But I think that Pam and Calvin broke up during filming, and that's why they altered the way they described her. Anyway, they are on the phone. Annoying says that her roommates think she talks behind their backs, but that they all do it too. In a confessional, Annoying says that they do it too, in case we didn't catch it the first time. ["Or in case we didn't damn well know it already." -- Wing Chun] To Pam, Annoying admits that she is guilty, but she thinks that her roommates are being hypocritical. Dare I point out that she is talking about them behind their backs right now?

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