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Good Night, Irene

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Good Night, Irene

We open the episode with a shot of (all together now) the Space Needle. In case you weren't sure yet that we're in Seattle. I'm starting to feel like every time they finished editing an episode, the producers would say, "What? We're two minutes short? Stick in a couple of Space Needle shots." Inside Pier 70, Rebecca is lying on the scary couch. Am I the only one who thinks that couch is scary? It's covered in, like, magenta shag carpeting, with green shag-covered pillows. It just looks like it has a lot of crumbs in it, and smells bad. Anyway, Rebecca is reading the alternative weekly paper, and she asks Irene what her sign is. Irene replies, "Aquarius" and Rebecca starts reading her horoscope. I'm guessing it's Rob Breszny's Real Astrology (or as it is now known, "Free Will Astrology"). Rebecca reads about a "cynical gush of nonsense" which sounds like a good description for my recaps. The final line (and the reason this scene got included this week) says that Irene will soon experience "global warming in [her] pants." Irene asks if that means she's going to "get a piece" and Rebecca guesses so. Rebecca keeps reading the horoscope aloud, saying that Irene should "lust globally and make love locally." Irene jokes, "As opposed to making love long-distance?" then says that she is "astrologically confused." Rebecca reiterates that Irene will be "making love locally," but Irene says she won't be.

The producers subtly cut to Nathan, who is (all together now) on the phone with Stephanie. He's actually on the videophone. I know it was 1997 and all, but I've seen better picture quality watching Real Video over a 28.8 dialup connection. It's all pixilated. Either that, or Stephanie is one weird-looking chick. Stephanie asks Nathan about his roommates. Nathan says that "everybody's different in their own way, but everybody's kind of like the same." That Nathan is quite the philosopher. So deep. Stephanie wants to hear more. Nathan makes the tactical error of saying that he has hit it off with the girls, especially Irene. He describes Irene as a "funny bitch," and says that she has the same sense of humor as Stephanie and Nathan, and that Stephanie will like her. The producers try to make it look like Stephanie is angry by showing them sitting there, not talking, and then Nathan sighing. Knowing Stephanie, if it really did piss her off, she would have said something. Have you ever known her to hold her tongue when fighting with Nathan?

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