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God Tells Sharon To Shut Up…Again

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God Tells Sharon To Shut Up...Again

"Thieves Like Us" by New Order chugs along in the background while we see the exterior of one of those huge expo centers, where something called the Ideal Home Show is taking place. "Look at those couches, man!" gushes Mike. Yes, folks, last week Mike found his "theatrical" side, and now he's found the furniture queen within. What's next for Mike? Kiehl's products? A dog grooming license? Anyway, Sharon is selling tents again. Because if there's any story line on which you wanted closure, it's what happened with Sharon and the whole tent-selling thing. In an interview, Sharon explains that she was "going mad in the house," so she got a job selling tents. Oh, so is that why so many people work for a living? Because they're going mad in their homes? I had always thought that the jobs were a way to make money and therefore were the reason people actually had homes in the first place, but maybe things are different in England. Sharon is demonstrating tents when the Attention Deficit Manor gang drops by. Jay explains in an interview that Sharon had an hour for lunch, so they all went off to explore the rest of the Ideal Home Show. Lars explains in an interview that after a couple of hours, he started reminding Sharon that she had to get back to work, but Sharon kept insisting that she had more time. "You know, I was having a good time with my friends and walking around and the last thing I was thinking about was getting back to work," says Sharon in a voice-over, while we see her trying out furniture, telephones, AV equipment, and other home-show-type stuff, without a care in the world. Then Lars does an interview in which he does a hilarious impression of Sharon realizing she has to get back to work. Sharon runs back to the tent stand; her boss -- this scowly-looking Indian woman -- doesn't want to say anything in front of the cameras, but you can tell that Sharon is in deep shit. "She's not purposely being late and purposefully staying away for two hours," says Lars in an interview. "She just forgets," he continues ironically, getting all melodic and sticking out his lower lip just like Sharon. I am starting to like Lars.

B-roll of London at night. "Get yourself together, Sharon," Sharon's boss tells Sharon over the telephone. "I feel like bringing the phone down on you." Apparently, this is the third time this week that Sharon has been completely irresponsible. Sharon apologizes profusely and gets off the phone. "Tragedy strikes!" says Sharon sarcastically, shrugging the whole thing off and stomping back to her bedroom. In an interview, Sharon informs us that it takes her a long while to notice when she's angry or upset about something. Um, what about when people are upset and angry with you? When do you notice that?

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