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Go Away Sad
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First of all, thanks to everyone who emailed or posted condolences to me last week. At least I didn't have to go through my loss on national television. And also, I'm sorry I screwed up and said that Neil was on the Boston season, when clearly he was in New York. Ha! Kidding. It was London. And finally, no Most Awesome Thing this week, because again, it doesn't really fit in with the subject matter of the episode.

Danny arrives in Boston, and his father and sisters meet him at the airport. Everyone is sobbing and hugging. It's just the kind of sobbing where your whole body shakes. Danny voice-overs that it's hard to prepare for something that you don't want to deal with; boy, do I remember that feeling. I anticipated being sad, and depressed, but no one told me about the dread, and the feeling that you know you have to do something, and you don't want to, but you can't exactly call in sick or make up an excuse to get out of planning a funeral. Danny voice-overs that he was close to his mother, but that he feels like he has to hold everything together and be there for his sisters.

Back in Texas, Nehemiah and Wes talk about parents. Wes says he's close with his parents unless he gets in trouble. Then he feels like an asshole when Nehemiah reveals that he never knew his father, and that his mother is in drug rehab. He never had a mother-son relationship with her. Wes tries to save it by saying that it's made Nehemiah a strong person. Wes adds that he tried to remember the last thing he said to his mother, which also made him realize how fleeting life is. Nehemiah can't really get in touch with his mother; he tried to call her, but she can only use the phone for ten minutes a week. Nehemiah interviews that he just wants to call his mother and say that he loves her. Nehemiah waxes philosophical about telling family you love them.

Danny rides home in the car with his family. He mentions a photo of him and his mother that he wants, and his sister says that she got it. Danny puts his arm around his sister and they both cry. Danny voice-overs that he feels guilty for being away from home when his mother died, and he wishes that he had been with her. He tells his family that he should have called his mother on Valentine's Day. His sister, clearly the pragmatist in the family, says that their mother died early in the day. Danny doesn't want to let rational thought get in the way of his grief, as you do, so he says that he was too busy getting drunk the night before, and that he feels like a disappointment. He holds onto the cross around his neck and cries.

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