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Glory Days

Another driver shows up, and it's time for Steven to leave. In an interview, Arissa thanks Steven for being there to give her a hug when she needed it. Trishelle looks very upset. Steven puts his stuff in the car and comes back for one more hug. Trishelle totally starts making out with him, like, I wonder what Tyler thinks about that. And here's a perfect example of why the people who pick out the music for this show don't know what they are doing. Instead of picking out a song that evokes a particular feeling, they always go for the one where the words describe what is going on in the scene. Like if they wanted to convey that Steven was a lady killer, they should have picked a kind of sexy-sounding song, but also one that was a little melancholy because his life is kind of sad and empty, plus he's leaving and we're probably supposed to feel sad about that. Instead, they picked a dance song about a sexy lady killer, but the upbeat mood and tempo is all wrong for this scene. Ugh. Anyway, Trishelle sobs and sobs while the dance song plays some more. In an interview, Trishelle says that she and Steven are both moving on, but that they will still be friends.

Trishelle and Arissa are the only ones left. They talk about how they've changed, and how their roommates have changed their lives. You know, the usual. They both thought the others would hate them. A car pulls up, and it's for Trishelle. You know how the rest goes. Hugs, crying, blah blah blah, and I can't even bring myself to recap the rest of this because I'm just so happy that it's the end. Anyway, Trishelle gets in the car, and then Arissa walks back inside, and then it's over! Yay! What? There's a reunion next week. Oh, fart bubbles.

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