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Glory Days

Frank's ride comes next. He pretends to be really upset, and then pretends to just walk out. Ha ha. Not. In an interview, Frank says he's going to move to Los Angeles and go to U.S.C. and get an apartment with Steven. He adds that he's looking forward to getting Steven's sloppy seconds. Frank and Trishelle hug, and Frank makes Trishelle say one more time that she loves him. In an interview, Trishelle says that she hopes Frank finds "that virgin girl" he's been looking for. So disturbing. Frank's humor did not make up for his warped views on women.

The next car comes, and it's Alton's turn. Steven jokes that he knew it was for Alton because the envelope was nine and a half inches long. Steven is obsessed with Alton's penis. Alton hugs a sobbing Arissa. In an interview, Alton says he's going to miss Arissa because she's his family. Outside, Irulan says that she'll see Alton the next day, so she won't cry. In a confessional, Alton says he's going to move to New York. Trishelle and Arissa watch them say goodbye. Trishelle says she can't believe Alton's going to New York. Arissa says that he's in love. Trishelle asks if Irulan is too, and Arissa says that she is. To me, that smacks of desperation, like Alton doesn't trust Irulan enough to be in New York on her own, so he needs to go there immediately to ensure that she doesn't accidentally get back together with Gabe. And given Irulan's history, I don't blame him. In a confessional, Alton says that you have to take a big risk to get a big return. Alton yells some nonsense out the window as he drives off, which is fitting, since he spoke nonsense most of the time.

Irulan leaves next. In an interview, Irulan says that she and Arissa got along well, but also butted heads because they are so alike in some ways, but that they will always love each other. Irulan gets in the car. In an interview, Irulan says she was too confident when she got there, and now she knows that she needs to learn about herself and improve herself. Zzzzz...sorry where were we?

Trishelle, Steven, and Arissa hang out and talk about how quiet things are now. In an interview, Steven says he's going to move to L.A. for a year because that's what B/M alumni do. That's not what he actually says, but that's totally why he's doing it. Arissa says that Trishelle is going to L.A. too. Of course she is. In a confessional, Trishelle says that she's grown up and grown out of the South. I was unaware that only immature people were allowed to live in the South. Interesting. Arissa confirms that she's staying in Vegas. Trishelle is excited for her.

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