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Glory Days

Alton and Irulan cuddle in bed and discuss their future. In an interview, Irulan says that her stomach is in knots because she doesn't know what will happen to them. In an interview, Alton says that Irulan knows she might get back together with Gabe. In bed, Irulan denies that that will happen. In an interview, Alton says he has a feeling of impending doom. Irulan complains that she wants to prove it to him. Alton says Irulan can't do that while they're still there. In an interview, Irulan says that she doesn't want to lose Alton. Irulan starts crying and Alton comforts her and a sad trumpet plays.

In a confessional, Trishelle says that it's the last day in the house. Alton and Irulan get into the shower together. Alton voice-overs that Irulan said she wants to make their relationship work. They kiss in the shower happily. In an interview, Alton says he's going to fly out to New York to see Irulan the day after they move out. Why not just fly back with her now? These people make no sense.

The bellmen show up to bring the roommates' bags down to the lobby. One of them hands Frank an envelope and he brings it over to read in front of all of the roommates. Frank reads that as a goodbye present from the owner of the casino, they will all be going on a helicopter tour of Vegas. Well, that should provide the producers with some nice scenic shots to go out on. Everyone screams and shouts. The roommates grab their things and walk out. They say goodbye to all of the casino employees on their way out.

The roommates arrive at the helicopter and pile in. They fly around Vegas. In a confessional, Alton says he's glad he went out and partied in Vegas because it's something he needed to get out of his system. Then we see a montage of the roommates drinking and dancing in various clubs, as well as other moments from the season.

And now it's time for the final installment of the Most Awesome Thing I Saw On TV This Week. I thought I would bring it full circle, since the most awesome thing I saw on TV this week was another episode of Little House on the Prairie, just like the first one I did. In this episode, Ma scratches her leg on a piece of wire while she's getting out of the wagon, and then Reverend Alden stops by and asks Ma to bake some pies to help raise money for a church, but the Ingalls family was supposed to go on a little overnight trip. So then Charles totally volunteers Ma to stay home and bake the pies while he takes the girls on the trip, like, maybe Ma doesn't want to bake some damn pies, Pa! So the plan is that Ma will bake pies on Saturday and then Reverend Alden will drop her off at the meadow for a family picnic on Sunday. So the whole family leaves and Ma gets to baking but the scratch on her leg is bothering her so she slaps some bread and milk on it, like, I don't know what in the hell that was supposed to do, but this was the olden days when they didn't have hydrogen peroxide at Oleson's Mercantile. And Ma is getting all sweaty and stuff, but she manages to get, like, twenty pies baked, and sets them on some shelves outside the door to cool. So Doc Baker stops by and Ma tells him about her leg and he's about to step inside and have some pie and check out the cut when a neighbor rolls up and says his son fell out of the loft, so Doc Baker takes off. And Ma, of course, volunteers to help out, but they're like, "Just bake your pies," so she does. So that night, Ma's leg is getting worse and she takes down her hair, which was kind of when you knew something was wrong, because Ma's hair was always up except for a couple of times when she was eating popcorn in bed and reading her Bible. And then there's a huge thunderstorm, so Doc Baker has to stay over at the neighbor's and never gets back to check on Ma's leg. And then the Ingalls's cow gets out of the barn and maybe if they ever fed that cow it would stay in the barn but I think it was out foraging for hay or something in the wild because I could see the cow's ribcage, it was so skinny. So Ma heads out into the storm, but the cow won't budge, and then Ma faints and lands right in a mud puddle! So she wakes up and crawls back inside. And then she's trying to make a fire to warm up and she lights some newspaper and notices a story in the paper about a family's house being robbed so she goes over and locks the door and then I think Brian DePalma directed this segment because there's lightning flashes and close-ups on Ma's eyes and all I know is when I saw it when I was, like, eight years old it was pretty fucking scary. So Ma tries to settle her nerves by reading the Bible, but she passes out on the floor.

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