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Glory Days

The roommates get in a cab to go out for a final dinner. Arissa tells Alton and Irulan that she doesn't want to live in Boston. Alton asks Arissa if there is anyone in Boston she could stay with besides her mother. Arissa says that all of her friends have six kids each and live with their moms. Nice. In an interview, Alton says he hopes Arissa understands that she creates her own destiny. I'm saying. Arissa continues to wallow in her drama.

The roommates all gather at the restaurant. They drink shots. Trishelle makes a cheesy toast and starts crying. This one girl thanks everyone for putting up with her and not letting her move out of the house, because she's glad she stayed. Who is that again? Oh, Brynn. I kind of forgot she lived there. Frank says that he feels like his family has gotten bigger. In an interview, Irulan says that dinner was a lovefest, because all of the arguments and fights melted away. Arissa chokes up as she thanks Irulan for being a good friend, and thanks Alton for playing the violin. Really? She's thanking him for that? Because from what we saw of Alton's musical skills, I don't get it. Arissa says nice things about the rest of her roommates, and they all toast. Trishelle proposes that they all kiss each other. She would. Steven says he's never kissed a black woman, so Trishelle says that Steven and Arissa have to kiss. Steven comes over and hugs Arissa. In dueling confessionals, Steven claims that Arissa wants him, and Arissa denies it. Steven grabs Arissa's face and plants one on her in his trademark "swallowing your face" style. The other roommates laugh and clap. Steven looks really pleased with himself. Steven tells Arissa that she's a very good kisser. In more dueling confessionals, Arissa claims that Steven is stunned; then Steven says Arissa will never be the same; and then Arissa says that she hopes Steven doesn't start following her around. And that's it. Not that exciting a moment for all the hype it got in the promos for the episode.

The roommates go to Ghost Bar. They all toast. Arissa talks to the bartender, Michelle. In an interview, Arissa says that Michelle is a good person to talk to. Michelle says that Arissa doesn't have to go home to Boston. In an interview, Arissa says that Michelle told her to stay until she figures out what she wants to do. Arissa goes to Michelle's apartment and checks it out. In an interview, Arissa says that if she stays in Vegas for the summer, she can make money and then move wherever she wants to go.

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