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Girl on Girl Action

Previously, on The Real World: Ruthie jumped in the pool naked. Wonder Bread (a.k.a. Matt) noticed she was naked and commented on it to Tetanus Girl (a.k.a. Kaia). Tetanus Girl said, "She's cute." Wonder Bread found out that Ruthie has a girlfriend, not a boyfriend, and that her girlfriend is in basic training. Later, Amaya was insecure. So, we can gather that they focus of this episode is going to be Ruthie's ties, or lack thereof, to her girlfriend, and Amaya's insecurity issues.

Tetanus Girl and Ruthie dance in a club. I'm noticing that while Ruthie can shake some booty, Tetanus Girl is a really bad dancer. She kind of keeps her legs still and shakes her upper body around like a chicken pecking for feed. Tet Girl (I get sick of typing Tetanus Girl over and over again) says, "I really like Ruthie...I like her energy. I think she's very sweet." This statement can be interpreted as, "I would like to jump Ruthie's bones because she's a hottie and I'm drunk and lonely." In case we missed the point, the music says, "We like to party!"

Some ominous music begins and we cut to Ruthie and Tet Girl lying in bed together, and there's a close-up on Tet Girl's arm around Ruthie, dangerously close to her breast! They murmur sweet nothings to one another about snoring and pass out. Matt tiptoes in and pops a boner, and then turns out the light so no one can see it (as if we'd notice). He notes that some roommates (who could he be talking about?) have a magnetic attraction.

The next day, Ruthie says, "I had a great time last night" and notes that guys were all up in her butt, and girls were too. I take this to mean that people of both genders were hitting on her. I think the girls were hitting on her because they thought she was Tiger Woods in a wig, and wanted to share in his millions. Tet Girl disagrees with me, and says people hit on Ruthie, "'cause you fine!" Could you try any harder to get in her pants, you desperate hag? For all Tet Girls' posturing, we haven't seen any guys or girls hitting on her in bars, have we? At least some old guy bought Ruthie a shot.

At a meeting at Local Motion, Amaya suggests that they promote their events at sororities and fraternities. I have to confess that, in theory, this is a good idea. And perhaps it would have been received as such had Amaya not prefaced her remarks with about 25 qualifiers, and said every sentence as if it were a question. For example: "I know everyone hates me, and I know I'm an idiot, and I know you probably don't care, and I'm sorry for even suggesting it, but don't you think we should do this?" Who is going to agree with that? Wonder Bread shoots her down by saying there are a lot of coffee shops around the university already, so it would be hard to convince people to come to theirs. If Amaya had a spine, she would say, "But we promoted the last event at the University and got a good turnout." Instead, she pouts like a four-year-old. That night, Amaya brings the idea up again to Colin. Again, she would be much more successful if she didn't say the phrase "fraternities and sororities" 20 times. She doesn't want to be known as a sorority stereotype, and yet every other word out of her mouth is "sorority." I'm even sick of typing it. Colin makes fun of her and Amaya pouts some more.

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