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Gay-Straight Alliance

Karamo, Sarah, and Willie have a conversation about sex. Karamo thinks that Sarah and Willie are the most sexually frustrated people in the house, but the sentence is cut up so much that Karamo ends up sounding like the computer from WarGames going, "Shall we play a game?" Sarah interviews that she thinks sex is healthy and great, but that she's not having it and she's "past the point of frustration." Willie and Karamo try to type something on the computer while Sarah plays with some wind-up birds that hop around on the table. They ask for Sarah's help, but she tells them that she's unable to think due to sexual frustration. They all laugh at her. Willie interviews that Sarah is just horny. Sarah TMIs, "You don't understand. I'm aching!"

Sarah goes to a gay bar with Willie and dances by herself on the dance floor. In a confessional, Sarah says that she's not looking for a soulmate, and that she just wants to have fun. Sarah starts dancing with some guy, and soon they are grinding all over each other. Sarah voice-overs that she doesn't go out of her way to flirt, but that it's part of her personality.

Suddenly, Sarah and her guy are walking down the sidewalk and Sarah is explaining that she's picky, and that a guy has to be fun. Sarah finds Willie and strikes a pose.

Back home, MJ and Landon are playing pool. MJ wants to go out and Landon wants to stay home. MJ convinces Landon to go out with the promise that it will be something different, and they head to the showers. Presumably not together, but you never know!

Sarah's new guy friend, Jason, tells her that his partner needs to be shorter than he is, and he's over six feet. Wow, he must hang out with really tall chicks. He adds that it bothers him when someone is more masculine than he is. Saran finally figures out that the dude is gay. He adds that he's slept with "ten garbage girls before." Obviously, he didn't say "garbage girls," but my husband and I listened to the line about five times, and it wasn't captioned, so that was the best we got. Sarah interviews that she's not willing to accept that the dude is gay. Does she get a vote in the matter? Sarah asks if Jason's ever met a girl who wanted to fuck him, and the guy says he couldn't do it. He adds that he's not eliminating it as a possibility, but that neither the opportunity and the interest on his part ever happened. Sarah apologizes for failing to respect Jason's homosexuality, but that it's hard because he's so cute. I can't get too mad at Sarah, because I bet most ladies have met the perfect guy, and thought, "If only he wasn't gay!"

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