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French Kissing And Telling

I would just like to start by pointing out that, in order to write this Extra, I opened up the file from the season preview. Do you want to know the date on that file? Do you? May 28, 2003. That's right. This season lasted almost seven months. More than half of a year. What is up with that?

Props to the MTV graphics department for the opening credits to this show, which featured paper cutouts in red, white, and blue. Maybe they could lend some fonts to Bunim-Murray, so they could cut it out with the Comic Sans already? Anyway, we're welcomed to the show by La La. No, really. That's her name. I haven't watched TRL in a long time, so I've never seen this chick before. I wonder if she has older siblings named Do Do, Re Re, Mi Mi, Fa Fa, and So So. Not to mention her kid sister Ti Ti.

La La introduces Leah, who looks exactly the same, and CT, who got a haircut. I'm kind of sad, because his hair was so awesome, but it really needed to happen, and on first glance, he looks really good with really short hair. Mallory is wearing glasses. Adam got a haircut too, which makes me very happy. It's much less floppy. He looks like a man, instead of a sheepdog. Christina has...oh, dear. Christina clearly got hold of one of those home highlighting kits, because she has a big patch of hair in the front that is orange, like the color darker hair turns when you try to lighten it at home. Remember the summer between seventh and eighth grade when you tried Sun-In for the first time? It's like that. But Christina is way too old for that. It's just bad. Ace is the same, so that's all I have to say about that. Simon is not there, but he's joining them by phone. I know it will not top Teck's satellite appearance during the 2000 Reunion, when he started laughing hysterically at Kaia. Mallory and Leah yell to Simon that they miss him, and practically carry on a whole conversation with him, like, I'm sorry it costs a lot of money to make an overseas call, but call him on your own dime, ladies. La La asks what's going on in Dublin. Simon says he's in bed, and then adds that it's his birthday weekend, so he's not feeling very well. Mallory wishes him a happy birthday, and I hope she doesn't think that means she doesn't have to send a card.

La La introduces the first question, which is for Ace. Each question is accompanied by a short clip package, but I'm assuming that if you're reading this, you either watched the season, or read the recaps, or both, so I'm not going to bother explaining the montages. La La asks, "So how do you spend a thousand dollars on strippers?" That is a question I don't really want answered. My imagination is bad enough. Ace says it was a bottle of vodka and a lot of lapdances. La La asks Mallory how she felt about the strip club. Mallory says she was uptight about it at the time, but that she's visited a few since, and that she's okay with them now. Ace jokes that Mallory now works at a strip club.

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