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Foreign Relations

Eiffel Tower Shot Quarante. It's March 16, 2003 and the roommates are each doing confessionals on their feelings about the conflict. Ace says he loves America and is totally behind his President. Simon wants to make others understand why some people might not back the war. Leah is scared because her family is in New York, which she thinks will be a huge target. Chris hopes that the situation will be resolved quickly. Adam says we can't be blasé about Americans dying, and shares that his paternal grandfather died in the Korean War. What do Mallory and Christina think? We'll never know.

Simon and Leah get ready for bed. Simon interviews that he avoids conflict in a group setting and that sometimes it's easier to talk to Leah one-on-one, and that he hopes she will learn forgiveness. Simon tells Leah that if they ever fight, they should talk straight to each other and get it sorted out. Leah agrees. How did they sort it out? What happened there?

Chris asks Ace what they are going to do tonight. Chris says he was talking to Leah about how depressed Ace was, because they were worried. Ace says he was bummed out, but he's decided to stay. Ace interviews that he's not going to let the situation beat him, and that he'll find a way to be happy there. Chris says that if their relationship were different, Chris wouldn't stick around either.

Chris tells Ace that Christina was complaining about missing food earlier, and that she blamed Ace. Ace asks if they are complaining about him all the time, because they don't yell at Chris anymore. Chris agrees. Ace thinks the girls have to have someone to talk about. Chris reminds Ace that he advised Chris to build bridges and not burn them. Ace says he doesn't want to build bridges if he looks stupid doing it. Chris thinks they should kill the girls with kindness. Ace interviews that he thinks about talking to the girls about why he's upset, but he realizes that will never work, so he decides to do something nice for them instead. Ace cleans the whole house. Isn't he afraid that they will yell at him again? Ace writes notes to each of the girls and sets one on each girl's bed, along with some flowers.

Later, Ace and Chris play pool. Leah finds her note and starts crying. In a confessional, Leah says that the room is spotless and the beds are made, and the note said that Ace hoped they could still be friends. Leah is sad that she treated Ace in such a way that he thought they couldn't be friends anymore. Leah calls herself an asshole. Agreed! Mallory thinks that Ace is a sweetheart. Mallory interviews that she feels bad that Ace was so upset. Leah gives Ace a big hug and even hits Chris, on the way out, for good measure. Christina and Mallory also hug Ace. Ace interviews that it's nice to be hugged and not talked about, and that he always wants everyone to love him. To the point where he is a total doormat. Ace thanks Chris for talking it through with him and advising him not to fight over it. Chris says that he usually wants to fight, and that Ace usually wants to build bridges. Ace says that there's no such thing as being too nice. Actually, there is, but whatever. The final screen says (in Comic Sans again! Ugh!): "During the roommates' time in France, they experienced no anti-American sentiment due to the United States' involvement in Iraq." I like how they added that last part, as if to say that they did get anti-American sentiment because they acted like douchebags.

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