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Foreign Relations

Eiffel Tower Shot Trente-Six. The guys (minus Simon, plus Adam's increasingly out-of-control hair style) are playing pool. Adam says that the great thing about the United States is that we allow different points of view (sure) and we "have the ability to think intelligently about things like war because we are educated, because the masses do understand." Oh, boo. Yes, everyone in the United States is more intelligent and educated than anyone else in the world. And those people in the Middle East? Bunch of savages. For crying out loud, could he be more ethnocentric? In a confessional, Adam says that the United States has "a pretty good track record with doing the right thing when it comes to war, not just for ourselves, but for other peoples." We do? ["Snort." -- Wing Chun] Do you think the people of Somalia would agree? Or Korea? Or Vietnam? Or a bunch of other countries that we got involved in? I'm not trying to take one side over the other (much), but I think Adam's "the United States is morally superior to other countries" rhetoric is the type of thing that gets this country into trouble time and time again. And I would have told you the same thing back in March. Anyway. Ace says he doesn't want the Iraqis having access to any weapons, including a BB gun. Chris says that no one wants war. Ace wishes everyone would drink bourbon, hang out, and party. With that grasp of foreign relations, Ace should be Secretary General of the U.N. Get that Kofi Annan guy out of there. In a confessional, Adam says, "With great power comes great responsibility," and then realizes that he cribbed it from Spider-Man. Hee! That was kind of funny.

Eiffel Tower Shot Trente-Sept and Trente-Huit. Ace talks to Christina about the atmosphere in the house. Ace can't believe how much everyone talks behind other's backs. Ace thinks that the negativity is contagious. Christina interviews that Ace is really down, and that if things don't get better and easier, Ace won't make it. Ace interviews that he feels like quitting, but that he doesn't want to feel like he got beat by Paris.

Eiffel Tower Shot Trente-Neuf. They are really making up for the time lost during the vacation episodes. At the office, Brice is back, and he tells the roommates that Saddam is not a good person from a human-rights perspective. Christina interviews that Brice is a wonderful boss, but that it's a very stressful time for him to be there. Brice tells the roommates that they get to watch a tape of President Bush's speech. Ace asks if there is any chance that Saddam will back down, and Chris says there's no way. Leah says she heard or read something about one of Hussein's sons (R.I.P? I feel like I should replace the P with something else, but I'll let you all decide what to replace it with in your own minds, or you can just keep the P.) (Hee! Pee). Anyway, Hussein Jr. said that they would "make 9/11 look like a holiday" and would blow up all of Iraq's oil fields. Brice says that the U.S. is saying that Saddam is a threat to the world, and that the U.S. is going to take action to get him out. Brice advises the roommates to stay aware of what's going on, because it's historical.

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